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Have You Ever Heard Of The “SNOOT CHALLENGE”?


A new “challenge”  has just emerged on the Internet and social media … Do you know what it is about?


“A viral phenomenon that consists of filming or taking pictures and share” the whole act “on social media under the hashtag of the moment … I am … I am …? “. A challenge, of course!

A challenge, of course, What is the “Snoot Challenge”?

The principle of “Snoot challenge” is very simple. Just teach your dog to slide his nose between your fingers placed in a round shape (or “heart” according to …), and film the scene then share it on his favorite social media under the hashtag #SnootChallenge.

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What’s the point of this challenge?

First of all, I’m looking forward to seeing noses of dogs that are cuter than others in close-up.

And then, after all, one can also find a pretext to learn a new trick to his dog in a positive way. Yes, even if it may seem completely useless at first, this challenge is about teaching your dog new tricks that can strengthen your relationship, obedience, education and stimulate his intellect. It’s always good to take, right?

And if your dog is not the best student, it is also possible to post his unsuccessful attempts to take the Snoot Challenge on social networks. The many failures posted by Internet users are to die of laughter, see rather …

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So? Trying to take up the challenge with your doggie?


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