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They Drop Their Dog At The Shelter And Give An Excuse That Chills The Blood Of The Staff


It leaves you speechless.

Ruby is an adorable Pitbull dog. Unfortunately, her destiny has not always been rosy.

He Digs The Grave Of His Dog That Is Next, The Veterinarian Arrives And Pronounces 2 Words That Change Everything


Losing an animal is a shocking moment for everyone … Digging your grave is even worse …

12-Week-Old Puppy Was Abandoned Because Of Broken Leg


At 12 weeks old, the little Tahani puppy broke a leg. Faced with the impossibility of selling it, her breeder gave it to a shelter which has since been responsible for her convalescence. From now on, the future of the dog is traced. Finally … it is necessary to study the hundreds of applications received to adopt it definitively.

This Dog Was Abandoned Because Of Its Strange Pathology, His Story Is Overwhelming


Quasimodo is a German Shepherd with a rare bone disease. This is one of the few cases in the world.

This Dog Tastes Exotic Fruits In An Unusual ASMR Video 


The web is really full of little nuggets! In this video concept cannot be more shifted, a beautiful dog called Kakoa tastes exotic fruits and gives her opinion on their tastes and textures while a microphone captures the slightest sound emitted during its tasting.

This Dog Runs The Marathon Des Sables In The Moroccan Desert!


The Marathon des Sables is a 250-kilometer race through the Sahara under a blazing sun! Cactus, a small dog crossed, joined the other runners unexpectedly and is already more than 100 kilometers traveled alongside human marathoners!