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(Watch) Elderly Man Fully Devoted To His Dog That Could Barely Walk


In Italy, a video posted on the web made the buzz. We see a man of a certain age come to the aid of his dog, lying on a cart. The animal seems to be unable to walk, as paralyzed. The man puts all his sweetness to help him get up and moves forward.

“Crazy Man” Sold Girlfriend Emotional Support Dog On The Internet Without Her Permission!


The young woman came home from work and found that her beloved emotional support dog had disappeared from the house. When she learned the truth, it was the shock

Husky Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum When Mom Won’t Give Him Bath


Huskies have been one of the most popular dog breeds in decades, and if you’ve had one, you know exactly why! You may know this breed as a dog that belongs to an area where the weather is cold, often used as a sled dog.

Wow: 11 Dogs With Lot Sense Of Organization


Order is not just about humans. Animals can sometimes be very well organized when it comes to hunting, playing or just having a good time together, or even sleeping.

Watch: Reaction Of Priest When Dog Interrupt His Special Event  Will Made Your Day


While celebrating at Nossa Senhora das Dores Parish, Brazil, a priest was visited by an original parishioner: a dog. The young canine went so far as to put himself between his legs to play. The priest did not pray to respond favorably to his request while continuing.

Puppy Learned How To Walk Down The Stairs By Watching Her Brother


It is always said that a big brother (or a big sister) is a role model. This is again the case … but in dogs.

In a family, a 2-year-old male, amputated a hind leg, inspires his little sister a few months. She copies it in its movements, its gestures. Including when it comes down the stairs.