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Family Abandons 17-Year-Old Dog Because She Is “Too Old”


Most people treat their pets with love. Animals are a blessing, after all. They bring so much joy into our lives that we can not imagine mistreating them. Going home and having an empty house where your four-legged friend is not there to greet you seems discouraging.

These Photos Photobooth Way, Help Dogs In Refuge To Be Adopted


The Humane Society of Utah has hired a photographer to take photos of their dogs while waiting for a family. A way to show the beauty of these doggies.

These 12 Dogs Know How To Be Patient When It Is Necessary!


Maternal instinct, does that tell you anything? Know that this instinct is also present in our friend the dog. It results in a fairly detectable behavior. Once the birth is done, everything is already ready in the brain of the young mother, she knows how to act! Unfortunately after the calm, the storm!

They Drop Their Dog At The Shelter And Give An Excuse That Chills The Blood Of The Staff


It leaves you speechless.

Ruby is an adorable Pitbull dog. Unfortunately, her destiny has not always been rosy.

He Digs The Grave Of His Dog That Is Next, The Veterinarian Arrives And Pronounces 2 Words That Change Everything


Losing an animal is a shocking moment for everyone … Digging your grave is even worse …

12-Week-Old Puppy Was Abandoned Because Of Broken Leg


At 12 weeks old, the little Tahani puppy broke a leg. Faced with the impossibility of selling it, her breeder gave it to a shelter which has since been responsible for her convalescence. From now on, the future of the dog is traced. Finally … it is necessary to study the hundreds of applications received to adopt it definitively.