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Hanged Burned With Acid This Dog Has Loving Family Today


In the condition he was found and the new life he has known for some time, Charlie went from absolute nightmare to the sweetest dream.

Can Dogs Watch TV? Truth Reveal 


Can dogs see TV?

If your dog has already barked at other animals on TV or watched a football game closely, you may be wondering if it is possible for him to enjoy your favorite series as much as you or to have fun in front of you. waterfalls…

Neighbors See Dog A With His Mouth Taped Shut, So They Break Into The Man’s Yard


While it is horrible to think of animal abuse, it is a sad reality that we still hear reports of animals being neglected and tortured every day. It is a shame that people go out of their way to bring their pets home and abuse them for no reason. Animals, in all their forms, deserve love, respect and kindness. When treated properly, they add so much fullness and joy to our lives.

Riverview Woman Suspects Dog In Alleged Animal Abuse Video Is Hers


A video posted on Facebook showing a dog groomer pulling, pushing and kneeing a defenseless dog has generated outrage, and one woman claims the dog is hers.

All Dogs Are Bad Dogs And Owning Them is a Curse, Israeli City’s Rabbis Say


Apparently, not every religious sect thinks all dogs go to heaven.

This Cute Doggie Found How To Handle His Anxiety During Fireworks!


Sometimes you are surrounded by things and people who do us good.