We always think we know our dog or dogs in general. But many things can escape us. These animals contain in them some secrets. They can also have a story behind them. That of their race.

Stories that will take your breath away, question you, question you. Some may move you, touch you. Some discoveries can leave you speechless. We offer you some below.

1. Your dog’s nose is wet because moisture helps to absorb surrounding odors. This is also why his sense of smell is much better than ours!

2. Dogs make their need due to the magnetic fields of the Earth

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3. The Norwegian Black Elkhound Dog is different from other breeds because it has 6 toes on each foot!

4. The largest dog in the world was a German Great Dane named Zeus. It measured 111 cm at the withers!

5. The smallest dog ever recorded is Heaven Sent Brandy. This is a 15 cm Chihuahua at the withers!

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