Tenderness is not just about men! Because animals are just as capable of feeling it and transmitting it, with the most beautiful ways …

This magical bond that forms spontaneously between an owner and his pet is a perpetual source of love. We, humans, have it at hand: just the time to put it on the head of our dog to caress him, or look up to our faithful companion and cross his … His love and tenderness overwhelm us, invade the whole heart!

If our dear companions on 4 legs are so communicative, it is precisely thanks to the purity of their feelings. They know neither doubt nor moderation, but experience their attachment as raw as they feel and that makes all the difference. No one can doubt their loyalty, their fidelity, or even less their love! Thanks to this, our most faithful friends help us to overcome the most difficult moments, without words or invasive presence. They accompany us and watch over us like guardian angels.

In this selection of images, photographers have managed to capture the magic of a moment of exchange between dogs and their owners. This is what we tried to describe above and it is so powerful that it becomes almost palpable …

These 15 photos is tenderness in its purest form:

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