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4 Easy Way To Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation


How to give your dog more mental stimulation

Dogs need various activities and exercises to be stimulated. And when we add food, these games become even more attractive to our four-legged friends.

There is nothing sadder and more problematic than a bored dog. Our faithful companions need various activities on a daily basis to stay active and be stimulated. This ranges from walks to obstacle courses, ball games, and tracking.

But we can also make these games even more interesting by incorporating an element that dogs cannot resist food. 

Here are 4 ideas on how to make your dog more mentally stronger

1- Hide his food and make your dog search for it:

Finding treats will be as stimulating as it is fun for your dog. Start by hiding one in an easy-to-find place for him to understand the principle and congratulate him as soon as he gets there (the candy is already a reward himself). Then, gradually increase the difficulty of the game to hide the treat in another room of the house.

2- Using food as a learning tool

This is one of the basics of positive reinforcement: reward the dog when it obeys or acts in the proper way.

When you have to teach your 4-legged companion a new order, offer him a treat when he does it. It will do so with pleasure and, over time, eventually integrate the order without waiting for a reward, since the treat will be gradually removed from the exercise.