This abandoned dog waits every day in the same place, a woman approaches and realizes the horrible truth

A few weeks ago, in Pennsylvania, many people notice something bizarre in the park completely covered with snow: an abandoned dog comes every day to sit on a bench and seems to wait.

Alone, dog in a park, Carla had no one left …

On several occasions, people have tried to approach the dog who has fled every time but never leaving the park. It was very clear: she was waiting for someone. After several failures, someone decides to contact an association and this is how Janine Guido who works in Speranza Animal Rescue goes to the park to try to help this abandoned and poor dog.

A difficult rescue

Unfortunately for Janine, the abandoned dog – named Carla – was not very cooperative and especially she was very scared. Even with food, it was impossible to approach her. It will take Janine several days and a lot of patience before finally gaining the trust of Carla.

Immediately, Janine puts Carla in her car and took her to the vet to make a complete consultation of the dog that seems she really need it.

The veterinarian informs Janine that Carla is about 10 years old and she is much too thin. According to him, she was abandoned in this park and since then she has not stopped waiting for them. But obviously, no one has ever come back for her.

Today, Carla has nothing to fear for her future. Janine has found a new home in which she is warm and happy and in which she has even found two new friends with whom she loves to go for a walk! A new and well-deserved life for Carla who only wanted to be loved.

Photos credit: Facebook