Adorable Moment Of Elderly Dog Realizes Her Soldier Owner Is Standing In Front Of Her


Dogs have a special love for their owners. Have you ever been home after a long day of work, and almost knocked over by the warm welcome and the joyous excitement of your four-legged friend?

Although your dog does not understand where you were, or why you had to leave, it is undeniable that he experiences an incredible joy on your return.

When they express their joy, dogs can sometimes fidget, leap all around you, turn in circles, and roll on the ground.

Very old dogs may no longer be able to do such movements, but they will certainly find a way to express their joy at the return of their beloved owner.

Army Pvt Hannah Foraker sadly had to leave Buddy, her thirteen-year-old Golden Retriever, when she left for military training. The two had never been separated so long before. Hannah tried to keep in touch with Skype when she could, but it was not really like in reality.

Buddy is thirteen and has arthritis, and she is almost deaf. So it was not surprising to Hannah when she went home, and Buddy did not recognize her right away. Foraker told ABC News: “When I got home, Buddy was outside, but she did not realize it was me right away.

Then, after looking at me well, she came to me. It was there that she began to express her immense joy at seeing me. She was happy.

This reunion is really touching. Deanna Nissen said on social media: “Buddy is very old for a Golden Retriever.

This dog was really impatient for her [Hannah] to come home. God bless them both. “And one Vinz Lim said,” This dog looks like a friend who would sit willingly beside you to encourage and advise you in difficult times. I want a dog like that”.