How to relieve the pain of a man who has lost his dog? This is not obvious. The disappearance of a loved one is always difficult to manage. This father had the happiness to see his daughter responsive and full of ingenuity. Her gift allowed him to better digest the sudden absence of his companion. Jasey Jentsch’s father is inconsolable. He shared the life of Bruce, a Boston Terrier, for over 12 years.

From his arrival from a shelter to his death a few weeks ago, the canine and the man were bound by a special love. An unwavering bond that continues despite the disappearance of Bruce. Except that the void left by his absence cannot be filled. “Every morning, they sat together in the reclining chair and watched TV,” says Jasey.

“He made us cry”

Bruce became blind two years ago. It only strengthened his love and trust for his owner. But as no being is eternal, Bruce has gone away. Leaving in immeasurable pain. “It really hurt me,” she admits. So an idea came to mind.

Jasey got closer to a company that makes custom pillows. One was offered to her father with a photo of Bruce on it. Shocking attention. “he made us cry,” says Jasey. “To see him show his vulnerability shows how much Bruce meant to him. “

The pillow is eternal and will accompany Jasey’s father to the end. He finds him every night in his bed. “No, he never leaves my father”.