Although named Lucky, this deformed dog was very unlucky until then.

Born with a facial deformity, Lucky was repeatedly rejected but ended up finding the perfect mother.

When you have the misfortune to be born with an unscrupulous breeder, whose sole purpose is profit, having a malformation is almost death synonymous.

According to Animal Channel, Lucky, a Labrador Retriever, was born with a facial deformity and could not be sold by the owner of the farm.

Taken in by a shelter, he was then adopted many times, but he always ended up being returns after long periods of neglect.

Among other things, he went to live with a family in Austin, Texas, who also decided to give up on it; the cohabitation with the cats was going very badly.

He was outside permanently, tied to a tree and poorly fed. He had neither the conscience worthy of the name nor the attention on the part of his owners.

In the end, Lucky had fragile health. He suffered from malnutrition and heartworm disease, and he was covered with parasites and did not have an identification chip. He needed care and affection.

Then his life changes

To facilitate his adoption, one of the shelter’s volunteers took him to a groomer, then took several pretty pictures of him.

He later published lucky’s pictures on social media. Pictures that pleased a lot of people, including a woman, Jamie Hult. Who then immediately decided to adopt the dog.

The vet made it clear. Lucky was sick and that his treatments would be very expensive, but none of that stopped Jamie Hult.

She replied that she was willing to pay and that it was necessary to do what was necessary to save him. She has spent nearly 8000 dollars in veterinary fees and Lucky finally recover fully.

At his new home, Lucky has been given a new name –Beaux Tox. Jamie Hult explains this surprising choice by the fact that his face gives the impression that he needs botox injections. “We love beauty in all its forms,” she says about the pup.

The brave doggie now has everything to be happy, a family that loves him, and has recently grown with the arrival of 2 other dogs, walks, games, swimming and a peaceful place to sleep.