The Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, recovered a stray dog … accompanied by a heartbreaking message from its owner, who became homeless and forced to abandon her.

On January 3  the Delaware Humane Association’s shared a publication on their Facebook page, that the dog, named Sky, was carrying a bag with a handwritten letter from its former owner when it was recovered.

“Take care of Sky”, the owner wrote on the message. “She is 6 years old and friendly, I could not take care of her, I became homeless and I could not feed her, she is not sick, just hungry, very friendly. Please, find her a home, please. “

They said in a message posted Saturday on Facebook that if the staff heard about the owner, or if he contacted them, they would be “ready to work with him to bring them together (him and his dog), but that would depend on the owner’s situation.
Before adding: “Sometimes the best option is to put your pet in a shelter if you are unable to take care of it, and if the homeless shelters in the area know this person we encourage them to communicate with us. “

The shelter is currently considering adoption applications for Sky, which is due to meet new families as of January 8th. She will have to gain enough weight before being sterilized and will receive care before she can be officially adopted.