Anger Grows After Security Company Kills 24 Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

Anger Grows After Security Company Kills 24 Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

More than twenty bomb-sniffer dogs were killed in Kuwait. The reason? They would have become weights for their owner …

The American company Eastern Securities of Kuwait, which manages the protection of oil sites, is at the heart of a dark story. A few days after losing his contract with the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (Kuwait National Petroleum Company), the latter would indeed have euthanized 24 of his bomb-detecting dogs, reports France 24. Indignant at the fate reserved for these animals who intervened on the black gold extraction fields, it was one of the firm’s employees who raised the alarm by posting photos of these dead bodies, hurriedly buried, on Facebook.

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The Kuwait National Petroleum Company has already disassociated itself from this sordid act. According to his spokesperson, only the contract between his company and the Eastern Securities of Kuwait was broken because “tests conducted by a third party to assess the ability of dogs to detect bombs in an oil installation were inconclusive. The firm even said “regret” what had happened to the dogs. In addition Karuq8, a Kuwaiti animal protection NGO, considered that the security company had done so because the doggies had become – with the breach of the contract – a burden for it.

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