Abandoned Dog Cries Waiting For Owner Outside Supermarket For Six Months

Abandoned dog cried for six months outside supermarket  in the hope that his owner would return for him

The abandoned dog was found outside a supermarket in Taiwan, where he had patiently waited for nearly 6 months to no avail.

German Shepherd Completely Freaks Out Over His self-filling Dog Water Bowl 

German Shepherd Completely Freaks Out Over His self-filling Dog Water Bowl 

A hilarious video of a curious German shepherd went around the Internet. The Facebook page of the German Shepherd’s Club shared a funny video of the German Shepherd discovering that when he drinks in his dog water bowl, bubbles rise in the bottle. His reaction is absolutely invaluable.

Raw Diet For Dogs or BARF: The Ultimate Guide

Raw diet for dogs or BARF food: definition, benefits, and disadvantages

  • Page 1/3
  • What is BARF?
  • The benefits of the raw diet for dogs
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  • Lean teeth
  • A diet that appeals to dogs
  • A diet that “holds well”
  • A diet that is suitable for all ages and all situations
  • Dr. Becker Discusses Raw Diet For Dogs (Part 1)
  • BARF has also a bad reputation
  • It’s more tedious to prepare
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  • Raw diet for dogs is more expensive than croquettes
  • It’s more restrictive to store
  • There is some health risk
  • Raw dog food is more complicated to keep

Due to the fact of the growing rejection of industrial food, more and more animal owners are now choosing a diet that follows the principles of Raw Diet For Dogs.

Neighbors See Dog A With His Mouth Taped Shut, So They Break Into The Man’s Yard

While it is horrible to think of animal abuse, it is a sad reality that we still hear reports of animals being neglected and tortured every day. It is a shame that people go out of their way to bring their pets home and abuse them for no reason. Animals, in all their forms, deserve love, respect and kindness. When treated properly, they add so much fullness and joy to our lives.

14 Useful Info You Probably Do Not Know About Dogs

We always think we know our dog or dogs in general. But many things can escape us. These animals contain in them some secrets. They can also have a story behind them. That of their race.