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This Blind And Deaf Dog Does The Sweetest Thing When She Smells Her Dad Is Home


Meet Opal a white Siberian husky She’s an eight-month-old double Merle and as a result of bad breeding, she was born completely blind and deaf.

She was rescued from Double J Dog Ranch, and she now lives at home with her two humans in Spokane, who she loves very much, even though she can’t see or hear them

Opal was caught on camera going crazy at the smell of her human coming home from work.

She was filmed standing in her owner’s garden, patiently waiting for him to come home.
The loyal dog as is showing in the video has a sensitive nose as almost without warning the dog starts jumping up and down in the garden.

Moments later, Opal’s owner, Forrest Bray, appears and reaches out to give his best friend a hug and a good pat.

Despite being deaf and blind, the dog’s just knows when her human friend was coming home.

Opal has been in our family for only three months and already waits for her dad to get home every day around the same time,’ said owner Christine Bray to JukinMedia.

She started waiting out front for him to get home a couple of weeks ago. She will wait for an hour sometimes. Very sweet.’Christine wrote in an email.

But it is when she smells him that she really goes crazy. She ignores all passing cars or the neighbor’s cars, she knows his somehow.

She is such a happy and loving dog as she runs up the gate to greet him.’