Can dogs see TV?

If your dog has already barked at other animals on TV or watched a football game closely, you may be wondering if it is possible for him to enjoy your favorite series as much as you or to have fun in front of you. waterfalls…

Do dogs really watch television?

Dr. Ferrand, a veterinarian in Mâcon, says that dogs have so much reason to bark that we can not know for sure if they react only because of the image.

“When your dog hears a lot of noises at the same time, he may be joining you. Barking is not usually calls and answers. The barking on a stranger is acoustically different from a barking “I’m alone,” she says.

however, it is possible that some visual images may attract dogs to watch television. Static images do not have much weight. But some movements are well seen.

The brain of a dog has circuits that trigger when he sees the galloping movement of another animal on the screen. Their brains are patented to respond to them.

Dogs are known for their superior sense of smell, but their vision is inferior to ours. When they watch this animal galloping across the screen, they see it in shades of yellow and blue (dogs can not distinguish between red and green).

Most of the time, what a dog sees on television is an insignificant series of color blends until a sound with a special stimulus resonates. These are the sounds that attract dogs. They have a hearing much finer than ours.

Julien Labadiot, a behaviorist, argues that the process of socializing a dog can help explain his television habits.

“When the dogs meet, there’s about 90 seconds of exploratory behavior where they sniff their buttocks and circle around each other. They test each other for compromise, territory and parenting skills, “he says. “Dogs watching TV are trying to do that. They can bark on TV to see if there is an answer. When they jump on TV, they look for more info. They seek to feel, touch and engage in the manipulation and assessment of skills. “

Dogs are selective in what they find interesting and entertaining. Just like us, every dog ​​has his own preferences and strengths. Some breeds like hunting dogs are specialized in finding their prey by sight and speed. They may be more likely to react when they see moving images on the TV. But there has been no research in the field of animal behavior that proves it.

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