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He Asks To Euthanize His Dog Because She Is Too Big-What Happened Next Is Heartwarming

euthanize his dog because she is so big

Honey’s end might have been dramatic, but thanks to the love she is now very happy.
When a Beagle female named Honey was dropped at the Animal Protection Society last June, she could barely stand on her feet as she was chubby, not to say obese. But the worst thing about the whole story of abandonment is that a member of Honey’s family asks to simply euthanize her. What the employees refused.

They Make Realistic Pet Slippers That Look So Real

Wow, this pet slippers will blow your mind!

Dogs and cats are one of the best aspects of being a human. They’re there to cuddle with you on a bad day, motivate you to be a real pet owner, and amuse you with their silliness.

7 Healthy Foods For Your Dog, What To Feed My Dog?


Here are 7 naturally healthy foods for your dog, to be put daily in his bowl if he is fed a home diet or occasionally if he is fed with croquettes …

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

She was thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter after her pet passed away

After losing her dog in April 2017, Karine was thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter. Her crush fell on Ayanna, a Romanian dog that had just been saved. But Ayanna was not alone.

Ayanna came from a shelter in Romania, partner of the association the Ark of Eternity. In her country of origin, she had narrowly escaped death … “It was the crush of this pretty pooch looking so sad,” Karine said. Her choice was made: Ayanna would join her family!

Ayanna had a puppy

But Ayanna was not alone … “We learned that the puppy that was in her cage … was hers! We must admit that they are not alike at all, so we did not imagine that when seeing their pictures in the first time, fortunately, because we might not have chosen Ayanna if we knew she had a baby “, Admits Karine. “But there, our heart was already ready to welcome her, so we decided to take him too”.

In June 2017, Ayanna and her baby, Malongo, arrived at the airport: “We had only one hurry: bring them back home quickly so that they finally find rest, together,” says Karine. The first days were not simple: “Ayanna has adapted very quickly, but for Malongo, things have been more difficult because he is very fearful of humans. How could such a young puppy (he was 4 months old when he arrived at home) have been so traumatized by humans? Asks the happy owner.

Subsequently, it was necessary to teach everything to the two dogs: walking on a leash, the wearing of the harness, cleanliness … For Karine, “they are very intelligent, and their love for us does the rest.” Very close, the two dogs move together, at their own pace, and protect each other.

We must take into account the past of the dog

Today, the whole family is happier than ever, and Karine testifies: “The relationship is very strong between us and full of respect because Ayanna was really an exemplary mother who managed to save at least 2 of her babies, she can be proud of her. And her love for her son is seen every day, she continues to educate it is very cute! As for Malongo, “he finally discovers what it’s like to be a puppy, to play, to do stupid things, everything he did not do when he arrived; and we are happy to see him discovering things like making bubbles in the water dish with his snout! ”

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

To those who think about adopting a dog from a shelter or somewhere else, Karine has only one advice: “to understand that an abandoned dog has had a life before the one you offered to him, that you had to understand his good and bad character, ” She readily admits that even having had the first dog for 10 years, she was far from knowing everything about the canine companion and its needs: “With Malongo and Ayanna, I discovered dog language. I make discoveries every day on the positive education, the respect of the animal instinct, allow them to tell us no when they don’t want to caresses … “And conclude:” There are many things to learn from our animals and from education websites! “

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They See A Police Dog Sniffing A Box, When They Open It Everyone Was Under Choc

police dog sniffing

Nobody realized it was there until a police dog detected it

Last week, a police dog from Mexico City was sniffing parcels, when he stopped on a large box sealed with tape.
The officers realized that something was wrong with this specific box, So they cut the tape and opened it.

The sniffer police dog was meant to look for contraband but…

They find a Bengal tiger of approximately two-months-old. And it seems he was transported in bad conditions.

The animal was asleep for transport and had only a few holes to breathe. He had neither food nor water.

It is a species cataloged in danger of extinction, due to illegal hunting to use its skin.

police dog- bengal tigerAccording to the police, the tiger sent from Jalisco State in the west to Queretaro State.

Though the tiger’s ownership paper were in order, The fact remains that the way of doing this trip was neither more nor less than cruelty and animal mistreatment.

When taken for treatment and rehydration, the tiger was too weak but otherwise in good shape.

If it is difficult to know Why this poor animal was sent in this way. It is likely to be a pet or serve as an attraction, which is common in Mexico where animals are drugged for then to be walked, photographed, caressed …

The Bengal tiger cub has been sent to the wildlife rescue Directorate of the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga.
All thanks to the sniffer dog at the postal center because of whom the animal is new safe and well treated.

Tiger cub found in mail by Mexican police dog


Photos Credit: Facebook

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