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Homeless Man Saves An Abandoned Dog! A New Start For Both

Homeless Man Saves An Abandoned Dog! A New Start For Both

Homeless Man Saves An Abandoned Dog! A New Start For BothThis homeless man saves an abandoned dog and gets an unexpected end
Homeless and penniless, Ron did not hesitate to put himself in danger to save a dog that had just been abandoned on a highway. All he wanted afterward was that the Chihuahua did not have to lead a wandering life like his.

Angel Janes was driving home from work in Salt Lake City, Utah when, on her way, she noticed a homeless person with a sign asking for money or work. The driver had nothing to offer him, except a cigarette, and stopped to give it to him. She then realized that the man, named Ron, was holding a small dog wrapped in a sheet.

The animal, a Chihuahua, had just been abandoned by a woman on a highway near here 2 hours ago. Ron had taken the risk of crossing the road to get it back because he did not want that this poor little pup gets hit by a car. He then worked to protect him from the cold.

When talking with Angel James, he explained to her that he hoped the Chihuahua would find a home and not live outside like him. The young woman was so touched by this story that she shared on Facebook.

Her post was relayed by Kathleen Dallman. A friend immediately decided to temporarily host the dog, until they find a family for adoption. She went to Ron and gave him $ 50 to thank him for taking care of the Chihuahua. The homeless, who at first refused the money, finally accepted after insistence.The man was moved to tears upon learning that the dog was going to be placed.
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A few days later, a mother, Chasity Guyer, definitely adopted the animal and gave him the name Lucky Louie. Happy for the pup, Kathleen Dallman now wanted to help Ron. She opened an online kitty on GoFundMe platform.

Very quickly, the donations abounded and she recovered the first 400 dollars collected to give them back to the homeless with a big heart. Ron could not believe that people could mobilize to help him.

Ron told Kathleen Dallman that he wanted a portion to be spent on the dog he had saved, but she explained that he was in good hands and that the sum was all for him. The man was able to buy a mobile phone so he could look for work. Contributions continue to arrive on GoFundMe, reaching, to date, more than 6,000 dollars.

UPDATE WITH RON: Met with Ron tonight to give him all the money that was donated. I wish i could have got his original reaction because he was seriously freaking out, crying, and kept saying, "Are you sure this is for me!? From who, from who!? Who would do this for me!!?? For a homeless man!!??" I told him it was from the community, giving back because they were inspired by him and want to make sure he has a happy ending just like that dog that he saved from getting hit by a car and found a good warm home for. He said multiple times people have loaded up all his belongings in a truck and drove off with it. That people usually call him horrible names, so he just couldn't believe it. He looked through the envelope like 10 times because he really couldn't believe it. He said he promises that he will not let us down!! He was like, "This man isn't sleeping on the street tonight!!!" Then the second thing he said he was going to do was to go to get a phone so he can stay connected. I have literally never seen anyone so excited in my life and shed a couple tears myself, seriously a million dollar response. He wanted to donate some of it for food for the dog, I told him we got it under control. All of you are soooo amazing. You gave him the will to fight the good fight. Keeping the go fund me up for a little bit longer in case anyone anyone wants to donate. Not every day you get to hand a homeless man $400 plus dollars, thanks everyone! 🙂 Angel Janes Dutch Whitlock Lisa Donaldson

Posted by Kathleen Dallmann on Monday, April 2, 2018

We need more people like this man. PLEASE SHARE and help Ron to find a home for himself because everyone deserves a second chance at life.

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Chris Evans Makes A Moving Tribute To His Dog In A Message That Has Become Viral 

Chris Evans Makes A Moving Tribute To His Dog In A Message That Has Become Viral 

American actor Chris Evans urged people to adopt rescue dogs

American actor Chris Evans is a strong supporter of adoption from shelters. Dodger, his dog, was one of those doggies waiting for their luck in their cage. He used National Pet Day, celebrated on Wednesday, to put the light on his meeting with his 4-legged companion.

Chris Evans Makes A Moving Tribute To His Dog In A Message That Has Become Viral 

Many personalities regularly speak out for the adoption of animals living in shelters. The American actor Chris Evans, especially known for playing the superhero Captain America on the big screen, is one of them. Last year, the native of Sudbury, Massachusetts, introduced his dog Dodger to his many followers through a tweet.

Dodger was living in a shelter when Chris Evans saw him for the first time. The latter was then in full filming.

American actor Chris Evans urged people to adopt rescue dogs

Since adopting it, Dodger has appeared on most of his Twitter posts. He holds a prominent place in his life and the artist never fails to make it known.

This year, on the occasion of the National Pet Day, celebrated on April 11th, Chris Evans posted a very special video for him: it immortalizes, indeed, the moment he meets Dodger for the first time.

The video shows Dodger wagging his tail. He knew right away” the dog was coming home with me, Evans says.

In his tweet, the actor said: “He was trying to sit still when he wanted to go out, and I knew he was coming home. with me, so I made this video to remember our first “salute”

A message that has obviously become viral, giving rise to a hundred thousand retweets and half a million “likes”.

Loving Parents Fight For Their Brave Dog’s Life


Never Give up on the ones you love

On Tuesday the 25th of June After we returned from holiday to a poorly tired looking pup. His dog sitter was concerned.

We took him straight to the vets the next day, assuming he was likely dehydrated because of the weather, our vet was incredibly concerned and after being urgently referred to a specialist cardiologist, that day, Joey was diagnosed with right-sided heart failure secondary to severe tricuspid valve dysplasia and severe pulmonic stenosis (valvular type A).

Our hearts were shattered.. we were both hysterical our world was spinning how could there be anything so wrong with our happy excitable baby the gorgeous boy, Joey races around when you get up or come in the door to make sure he has a toy to present you with.

I cannot put into word what’s this dog means to us he lights up every day. For me I struggle a lot with anxiety and Joey will always be there to comfort me.

He is a huge part of our family and after moving into our first Home last year and making the huge decision to get our first puppy we never imagined we would be here. we want to do everything we can to give our pup a fighting chance.

The cardiologist talked us through our options and Joey needs two operations including a heart bypass that can only be done at one place in the country the Royal Veterinary College to save his life… without it he only has months, but with it, he could lead a normal happy life! The bypass is a whopping £18,000 ( 21.000 USA, approximately).

To us, it isn’t even a question he has to have it we are trying to raise awareness and the funds to get Joey the op he needs.

Please please help us share and donate if you can we aren’t ready to say goodbye to our baby. 

Unfortunately our insurance will not help us towards this as on Joey’s first vets appointment he was diagnosed with a heart murmur that we was told was harmless in puppies and he would likely grow out of, because he was only insured for one week before the appointment instead of two regardless of the fact we had only had him a week we are sadly not covered therefore we will be funding all of his treatments ourselves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Joey’s story, Please HELP, SHARE  or DONATE. 

Click this link to donate

PS: Joey story was written by his loving parents Nick and Ruby and sent to us by lovely Hayley Briggs



Rescue Dog Won’t Let Orphaned Foal Sleep Alone


Zip the dog watched over his friend Tye, a foal who lost his mother, until he grew up and became independent.

Adorable Moment Of Elderly Dog Realizes Her Soldier Owner Is Standing In Front Of Her


Dogs have a special love for their owners. Have you ever been home after a long day of work, and almost knocked over by the warm welcome and the joyous excitement of your four-legged friend?

Dog A tiny word For A Great Soul


Just a Dog – By Richard Biby

From time to time people tell me, “Lighten up. It’s just a dog.”
or “That’s a lot of money for just a dog.”

They don’t understand the distance traveled, time spent or costs involved for “Just a dog”.

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