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Raw Diet For Dogs or BARF: The Ultimate Guide


Raw diet for dogs or BARF food: definition, benefits, and disadvantages

Due to the fact of the growing rejection of industrial food, more and more animal owners are now choosing a diet that follows the principles of Raw Diet For Dogs.

WOW:Snapchat Lenses Work On Dogs Now


After cats, Snapchat provides dogs lenses …

Do you want to take pictures of your dog with glasses, a new pair of ears or reindeer antlers? It is possible today without even dress your companion such accessories!

The free application of ephemeral photos and videos now allows you to photograph or film your dog while applying filters that fit perfectly to his face.

4 Weeks Old Bull Terrier Puppy Goes Crazy For The Camera


With the particular shape of his head, the Bull Terrier is a dog that will not be unanimous: we love or hate! Anyway, the Bull Terrier can make an excellent pet dog, with his propensity to play and his strong character.

These Dog Selfies Will Never Fail To Put A smile On Your Face


8 Best Instagram Selfie dog you must see

You don’t have to be famous to take a stunning selfie!

well, these cute dogs will prove to you how amazing their selfies are!


Adorable Video: Cute Pugs Think They Are Huskies


An adorable moment of a playful pack of pugs shuffles along a deep snow drift in single file.
The video, filmed in Hungary, captures the nine pugs as they make a narrow path through the snow.

An Abandoned Dog Found With A Heartbreaking Message From His Former Owner


The Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, recovered a stray dog … accompanied by a heartbreaking message from its owner, who became homeless and forced to abandon her.

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