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Star Finds Forever Home After More Than 5 Year In Shelter


At 7, Star has finally found a new home. It was almost five years since the dog was waiting for his time in an Edinburgh shelter. More than 1,500 days to wonder if, yes or no, he would have the chance to relive with a family!

She Lost Her Hind Legs, This wandering Dog Struggles To Raise Her Young


She lost her hind legs when she was hit by a train, Si Bao the wandering bitch not only survived this horrible accident, but she also found the courage to take care of puppies she had just given birth. Then an association took care of the whole family …

Dog Trapped In Tar Did Not Stop Barking Until He Got Help


In Poland, a major intervention required the presence of firefighters. It was necessary to save a dog in distress, trapped in tar. However, the canine has survived. It has now been adopted by Joanna, who has greatly contributed to its extraction.

In China, Dog Breeder Will Go To Jail For Giving These Two Names To His Dogs


How a little joke can have serious consequences …

In East China, Anhui Province, a dog breeder shared a joke on social media last week. Today, he must regret not having kept it for himself!

Students Force Puppy To Drink Beer, They Did Not Expect The Result (Video)


An act of utter stupidity.

On May 11, students from a fraternity at Hofstra University in New York were filmed abusing a puppy.

Woman Ends 25 Years Of Marriage And Opts For Dogs Rescue 


Married for 25 years to a man named Mike, Liz Haslam has left her routine to create a charity. Her goal was clear: to save as many dogs as possible. This did not necessarily please her spouse. They decided to separate. A choice that absolutely she does not regret, determined to satisfy the needs of her animals. Even if it must, for this, be deprived of a roof …

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