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The Dog Lady Of Delhi, An Example Of What It Truly Means To Be Human


A heartwarming story of a ragpicker who feeds and cares for 300 dogs despite struggling to make ends meet.

Dog Jumps Through McDonald’s Drive Thru


Sad Pit Bull Filmed “Crying” At shelter After Being Abandoned


She was used for breeding and the owner abandoned her after she was not able to give puppies anymore

If your heart does not melt when you see a rescue puppy in a shelter, you may not have one. Seeing an animal waiting and hoping to find one’s permanent family is something that affects us all one way or another, some more deeply than others. Unfortunately, many dogs come to shelters after experiencing traumatic events or being abandoned.

Amazing Recovery Of  Dog Without Face Left To Die On The Streets


Brandy appeared abandoned on the streets in Malaga (Southern Spain) with traumatic injuries caused by a hunter´s trap. The resulting devastation and destruction were unlike anything they had ever seen. Brandy spent months in the hospital.

Owner Noticed That His Dog Watched Him sleep Each Night Then He Realized The Heartbreaking Truth


A heartwarming story of a man and his adopted dog

The story begin when a man adopted a healthy Golden Retriever from a local shelter.

When he brought the dog home, he found it to be playful and obedient, such a good boy.

This Dog Was Never Kissed In Her Entire Life… Until Today


This dog was never kissed in her entire life.. until today. Ruby suffered terrible abused and neglect, a life shared by most dogs of her breed until they are finally rescued. Watch her beautiful journey!

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Heartbreaking-These Owners Share their sad story and Warn About dog suffocation

These Owners Share their sad story and Warn About dog suffocation

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