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Man Recues Strange Dog Only To Discover It’s Something Else


A raccoon that looks like a dog

It all starts when a Twitter user nicknamed chibi_tori who lives in Japan finds a raccoon dog who thought an abandoned dog near his home.

In order to help the poor animal, he decides to adopt it and offer him everything he needs to be happy and healthy.

So he takes the dog home and is absolutely delighted to see how kind and affectionate he is. A real relief for him as stray animals are not always easy to deal with.

chibi_tori show his new canine companion to his family and friends but still has a doubt. His pooch seems different from other dogs.

He then searches the Internet and understands the truth. He was completely wrong.

… and a huge surprise

In reality, his new friend was not a dog but a tanuki also called in the West a raccoon dog. This is an animal that looks a lot like a raccoon.

It is, therefore, a sort of “raccoon dog”. He has such a spiritual and artistic significance in Japon and is reputed in the spiritual tradition that he has a magical shape-shifting power.

Experts don’t recommend adopting a raccoon dog. fortunately, in the case of little Tanu, he behaved exactly like a dog with his owner.

But despite this little “mistake,” chibi_tori never imagined separate from his new furry friend Tanu and he loves his life by his side.

Although tanuki is an animal with a character similar to foxes and therefore rather wild. Tanu has adapted perfectly to his new life.

He spends long hours sleeping and eating a little bit of everything and anything, and he also loves to go on a leash with his human.

Awesome And Easy Hacks For Dog Every Owner Should Know

hacks dog

Easy Hacks For Dog

Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks for dog owner; we have collected 11 awesome DIY life hacks for dog owner, to help give him a better life.

These hacks  will make your life much easier, so let’s go fetch them:

Hack 1: DIY Dog Toy

– If your dog is a fan of toys then he might have the tendency to destroy them, what you can do:

-Grab yourself an empty water bottle that size appropriate for your dog.

-Squeeze the bottle in just a bit and put the lid back on to keep it lopsided and prevent it from being crushed completely, this will make a nice alluring crinkle sound that dogs love.

– Grab an old fluffy sock or a new one, and put the water bottle inside, you’ll want to tie off the sock to leave this little extra room inside it’s possible you can even consider cutting off the excess if you want.

– Toss it to your pooch and give him something to do for a little while.


Hack 2:DIY Slow Feeder

If your dog eats too fast from time to time, it can lead to an upset stomach then try one of these hacks:

-Place a ball and the bowls and cut off their full access to the kibble, it will force your dog to move the ball around to get to the food.


hack dog

Another method to slow your fast eater is to use a muffin tin to spread out all the dog food.

– If you want to turn it into a game you can cut old tennis balls in half and cover up each cup, it’ll leave your dog with a small challenge to work around that sure to slow him down while also entertaining him.

Hack 3:DIY flea shampoo

– Fleas can strike it anytime, even if you stay on top of a treatment plan, it can

still happen.

Here’s, one of my favorite hacks, a tried and testedhomemade flea shampoo:

– Start off with a measuring cup and grab a bottle of jar to mix everything.

– Pour half a cup of water into your container.

– Follow it up with four tablespoons of Dawn dish soap.

– Adds four tablespoons of white vinegar.

– Mix it all together inside the container.

Before using the homemade flea shampoo:

– Make sure you protect his eyes, is soap and vinegar and isn’t very pleasant in your dog’s eyes.

-Work up a nice lather as the dish soap, it will help kill any fleas and with vinegar will help repel them.

– Let your dog sit with the lather built up for about five minutes.

-While you wait you can run a fine-tooth comb through his fur and get any dead fleas out or even living one.

– Finally dry your dog as usual.


Hack 4: DIY Stain Remover

– First lot up any liquid that you can with the paper towel.

– Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top of the stain and let it sit.

-Make half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

– Mixed it all up, you can use it right from the container or add it to a small spray bottle.

– Apply the liquid to the spot directly onto the baking soda and scrub back and forth until the stain lifts off completely.


Hack 5: How to Make an Auto Water bowl

– Grab a piece of scrap wood, it can be square or circular, find a piece of 2×4 roughly the length of a recycled soda bottle.

– Attach it to one edge of the baseboard with wood glue and then let it dry.                    – Fastening all together with two screws.


hacks dog



– Used a curved 2-liter soda bottle or one that’s similar in shape.

– Secure it with a four inch PVC coupler.

– Use a hacksaw or angle grinder to cut out about an inch off the coupler, this openings not only going to make it easier to drill two screws through the coupler in two by four, but it turns the coupler into a bottle holder.

– Place a large bowl on the baseboard, and simply slide a two-liter bottle filled with water into the dispenser.

– Twist off the cap and allow the bowl to fill with water on its own, it’ll stop dispensing water once the level reaches the bottleneck opening.

Your dog will be sure to enjoy a constant supply of water without you having to worry about filling up the bold nearly as often.

Someone Killed Her Dogs With Antifreeze


Clinton Twp woman says someone killed her dogs with antifreeze

Michele Wilson, knew something wasn’t right with her puppies.

Her feelings of dread were affirmed once she took them to the vet.

Now she’s convinced and what happened to them was no accident

“I’m afraid to let Honeybear run around in my yard,” said Michele Wilson. “I can’t let her loose. I’ve had her for eight years. She’s what’s left of my best friends.”

The Catahoula Cur named Honeybear is Wilson’s last surviving dog after three others died in the span of a couple of days.

just dogs lover

Wilson says it all started last Tuesday.

“I saw my wolf dog looking drunk and disorderly,” she said. “I immediately called my brother and asked him to come over and told him there’s something wrong with my dog.”

Vets at Advanced Animal Care Emergency determined her puppy to have ethylene glycol harming. A natural compound frequently found in radiator fluid.

One by one, her other dogs showed the same symptoms. One of them was practically in a coma.

“They came in what we call clinical, so definitely showing signs of kidney failure,” said Dr. Matthew Hynes. “I will tell you they were declining quite rapidly.”

“I’ve been told you can dip food substances into it and some people enjoy tossing it over the fence so they can watch people’s animals die,” Wilson said.

Wilson says Clinton Township Police and creature control looked through her yard and carport however did not discover anything that would’ve harmed her dogs.

“I don’t know if it’s somebody mad because I had four dogs,” she said.”, I had people come by and kick the fences. I had a guy a couple of streets down come over here and squeeze that black pit bull over there when she was a puppy.”

22 Wonderful Facts You Should Know About German shepherd

german shepherd

 German Shepherd The 2 nd most popular dog in America

If you want to adopt a dog and you think German Shepherd dog breed is the right one for you. Find out with us some amazing facts about this popular dog breed.

German Shepherd History :

–  As their name implies German Shepherds dog are a breed that originated in Germany.
– Introduced in the USA by soldiers returning from World War.
– By World War 2 German shepherds dogs were the military breed of choice.
-They caught the public eye because of movie stars Strong heart and later, Rin Tin Tin.
-The first guide dogs were German shepherd dogs.

Ms. Eyebrows And Goma Two Unique Looking Dogs

Unique looking dogs

Ever tried to imagine unique looking dogs? what about an English Bulldog with eyebrows? 

Originally from Germany, Ms. Eyebrows is an English Bulldog female. And what has made her a rising star on the Internet is that she has beautiful eyebrows. Or at least colorful spots placed in the right place to give the impression of eyebrows well stuffed.

Meet Ms. Eyebrows!

Ms Eyebrows

Thanks to these beautiful eyebrows, Ms. Eyebrows keeps looking grumpy and sad. But fortunately, it’s just a facade, a way of deceiving your enemy to get even more hugs and treats.

[irp posts=”2583″ name=”Dog Looks Like A Human And His Picture Makes Everyone Uncomfortable”]

Contrary to what appears, Ms. Eyebrows is a very happy dog and even very happy. She is the opposite of grumpy! According to her owner Janina, Ms. Eyebrows is a real love ball, who loves hugs and games. She is also a bit awkward, but that’s what makes her charming.

unique looking dog

Adorable no?

Do You Like It? If You Do I’m Sure You Will Love This Unique Looking Dog In The Next Post

To Save Dog From Drowning, Woman Jumps Into Cold Water


She risks her own life to save a dog from drowning

Hearing cries of distress, a young woman of 24 years did not hesitate to jump into the pond Meckenheim Park in Mee-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), to save dog’s life.

Pauline was walking in the park of Meckenheim when she heard a man yell shout “Blue, Blue, come my dog!” In the water was Blue, an American Staffordshire who obviously could not swim. In distress about 6 meters from the bank, he could not move forward and was losing more and more strength.

Seeing Pauline, The dog’s owner asked her to call the fire department while he began to undress. But the man did not know how to swim. So without further ado, Pauline removed her sweater and jumped into the water at 6 ° C to join Blue. “Arriving near him, he hung me up. He was super heavy!”  She said.

The young woman managed to hoist the dog to the bank. There, the firemen arrived. Pauline, in a state of hypothermia, was taken to the hospital, but she is better. Blue is also safe and sound. His owner is not about to forget this young unknown lady who did not hesitate to put her life in danger to save the life of his dog!

Incredible! Dolphins Save Dog From Drowning

Dolphins save dog from drowning

A few days ago, residents of Marco Island, Florida, witnessed an extraordinary scene. A lost Doberman dog had inadvertently fallen into a canal. Unable to go back to the shore because the bank was too high, he tried to keep his head out of the water. There was no one to help him.


While his strength was running out and the poor dog was extremely stressed, then a miracle happened: dolphins, certainly attracted by the dog’s movements in the water, came to him.  They surrounded him and began to shriek. Was it the expression of their fear or of their intelligence? No one knows.

Dolphins save dog from drowning

This attitude has attracted the attention of people who were not far away.

By understanding that a dog was in the water, the witnesses immediately contacted the fire department. They managed to save the poor animal who, hungry, thirsty and exhausted, was finally able to return to the bank safely. According to the rescuers, he would have spent 15 hours in the water! Led to the vet, he happily recovered from this mishap.



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