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Dog Jumps Through McDonald’s Drive Thru


Man Buried His Pit Bull Dog Alive Cause He Didn’t Want Her


He thought no one will found her

A man named Dinis Pedro was walking his dog when he saw a dog, a pit bull, halfway buried in the dirt.

This Dog Was Never Kissed In Her Entire Life… Until Today


This dog was never kissed in her entire life.. until today. Ruby suffered terrible abused and neglect, a life shared by most dogs of her breed until they are finally rescued. Watch her beautiful journey!

Rottweiler Gives Birth To One Of Britain’s Largest Litters

Rottweiler Gives Birth To One Of Britain's Largest Litters

This owner was stunned when her Rettweiller gives birth to 15 adorable puppies

Her owner thought that 6 puppies were going to see the day, she was far from the account!
Jessie, a beautiful two-year-old dog was to give birth on Tuesday but nothing really happened as planned, since the date until the number of pups that were born. And on this last detail, it’s a big surprise that was waiting for all his family! In fact Jessie the rettweiller gives birth to 15 puppies.

Happy family, large family

On Sunday, around 2 am her owner, Eleanor Usher, heard scratching at the foot of the stairs and quickly realized that her Rottweiler was giving birth. She and her husband Ian rushed to lend her a hand and found that two puppies had already been born. The young mother fending for herself as a champion, her humans just stayed by her side to support her and witnessed an impressive show. After the arrival of the sixth, the couple thought that the dog could rest but she was far from finished.
The eleventh is born, then the twelfth, then the thirteenth, then the fourteenth, and finally, the fifteenth. Eleanor and Ian could not believe it! Those expecting a litter of 6 to 8 puppies have had the double. “One wondered ‘my god, when will she stop!’, Tells the Briton to Metro. After the eleventh, we looked at the country’s records and found that the first biggest litter was 18 and the second was 13. But as Jessie was giving birth and the speed at which the little ones were coming out, we ended up worrying that it makes 20. Fortunately, around 8 am, it was over.

[irp posts=”2768″ name=”This West Highland White Terrier Dog Has Her Own Room”]

This owner was stunned when her Rettweiller gives birth to 15 adorable puppies 

All the happy family is doing well and Jessie is an exemplary mother.

Happy family, large family

She feeds and grooms her babies in turn and does not let anyone take care of them. She even decided to take care of Mini, the 7-year-old Usher cat, in the process. For the moment, only the biggest and the smallest have been baptized, Walter and Daisy, but the others are too similar and will inherit a name once they have grown a little.

The Dog Lady Of Delhi, An Example Of What It Truly Means To Be Human


A heartwarming story of a ragpicker who feeds and cares for 300 dogs despite struggling to make ends meet.

More Than 170 Dogs Saved From A Dog Meat Farm In South Korea

Dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea

Animal rescues from Humane Society International HSI rescued more than 170 dogs from a dog meat farm in Namyangjui in South Korea.

The dog meat farm in Namyangjui is one of 17,000 in South Korea that breed more than 2,5 million dogs a year for human consumption.

Pete Wicks, from The Only Way Is Essex English reality TV show, joined the rescue team in South Korea. He visited the slaughterhouse in Namyangju. The man was shocked when he enters these structures: “Nothing had prepared me for such a horrible vision,” he said. He remembers seeing “entire corridors of dogs shaking behind metal bars with so much despair in their eyes. ”

The dogs were suffering from eye infections, skin diseases and painful legs and paws sores from standing and sitting on wire mesh.

These dogs were flying to shelters across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Days after the rescue, Pete Wicks went to London Heathrow Airport to welcome the dogs he helped save.

Among the dogs that were held there, 150 were saved through this initiative. 13 of them made the trip to London and the rest were taken to the United States and Canada.

Pete Wicks wanted to be present when they arrived at Heathrow Airport in London. Jack the Beagle, who is in the picture, Henry the Labrador Retriever, and the Crusaders Lucie, George, Tory, Rock, Bella, Chris, Adam, Mocha, Abbie, Lucy, and Leila are now 9000 km from death row. They are all going to join their new families in England soon.

Dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea
Jack the beagle among the rescued dogs

170+ Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Video

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