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This Blind And Deaf Dog Does The Sweetest Thing When She Smells Her Dad Is Home


Meet Opal a white Siberian husky She’s an eight-month-old double Merle and as a result of bad breeding, she was born completely blind and deaf.

She was rescued from Double J Dog Ranch, and she now lives at home with her two humans in Spokane, who she loves very much, even though she can’t see or hear them

Dog Kept Barking And Saves Newborn Dumped in Manhole!


While she was walking with her dog, Charmaine Keevy noticed that day her dog was not “normal”. He behaved differently, he kept barking. Thus begins the story of Georgi and his owner Charmaine. Between them, they saved the life of a newborn baby abandoned in a manhole.

Adorable! Smiley Lost Pit Bull Shows Up In The Middle Of Photo Shoot For Dogs


Two photographers volunteered to photo shoot dogs waiting for adoption at a shelter. But they did not expect to meet a particularly cute one!

Starving, This Dog Was Saved Just In Time


Poor Lena lived alone in the street and needed help to stay alive.

Lena’s story was turned upside down the day she crossed the road of a Takis Shelter volunteer. That day, the dog was prostrate between two garbage cans, starving. Frightened and strongly emaciated, Lena was initially suspicious of seeing the man approaching her, but soon realized that she needed his help if she wanted to live.

An Abandoned Dog Found With A Heartbreaking Message From His Former Owner


The Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, recovered a stray dog … accompanied by a heartbreaking message from its owner, who became homeless and forced to abandon her.

German Shepherd Video


1- Cute German Shepherd video Puppies / Funny Parents

Hilarious/Funniest German Shepherd Puppies – Puppies Try to nurse from Mother and Father (Fail). 4.5 weeks old. Watch until the end!

2- Daddy German Shepherd Plays With His Kids

The father German Shepherd bounces around his puppy kids as they steadily press forward with their little invasion, waving their paws at him. Really cute watching them play!

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