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To Feed A Stray Hungry Dog This Bus Driver Stops Every Morning

Bus Driver Stops To Feed A Stray hungry Dog

Every Day A Stray hungry Dog Waits At The Bus Stop To Eat Food

The story of this bus driver, a members community that looks after distributing the donated food and Feeds the Furbabies Canada, has moved many social media users, especially through Facebook. Her friendship with a stray hungry dog that she watches over every day is, indeed, most touching.

It’s the small gestures as it is here that can help make this world a better place to live for all. Small attentions that do not cost much and significantly change the lives of people who benefit. In this case, it is a stray dog who enjoys the kindness of a woman with whom he would not miss his morning appointment for anything in the world.

This bus driver,  who prefer to stay anonymous, had noticed the pup for the first time 2 years ago. Extremely skinny, he searched the garbage cans, desperately trying to find something to eat. Later on, when she saw the dog on the road, she threw him some food. Since then, it has become a habit.

Every day, during her tour, she stops briefly to give the stray dog a bag full of good things. The animal is still there, sitting patiently on the side of the road, happily wagging its tail, waiting for the bus to arrive and its door opens. He then takes the food and leaves immediately running to enjoy his meal.

In the video below, posted on Furbabies Canada’s Facebook page (based in Winnipeg, Manitoba), you can discover this unusual and touching scene. She also shows that the dog seems to have gained weight thanks to the one who thinks of him every day …

We need more people in the world like this person God bless her

Such brilliant and loving creatures. Did you see the tail wag? This was captured by one of the community members who looks after distributing the donated food that Feed The Furbabies Canada collects. Thank you for all your hard work.💗This little guy has a full belly tonight. Please donate if you can. Etransfers can be sent to or through our PayPal link found on our home page.

Posted by Feed The Furbabies Canada on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Chow Chow Dog Breed Information, Characteristics & Facts



The Chow Chow, also the Black-Tongue, the Black-Mouthed dog, Lang Kou (wolf dog), Hsiung Kou, black-tongued and dog of Canton), or just the Chow.

Chow Chow History:

  • Date back to at least 200Bc, originally from Northen China.
  • The name Chow Chow was used to describe imports from the oriental empire before then they were called “Songshi Quan” which mean “Puffy-Lion-Dog”.   
  • They were used to hunt everything.
  • It is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world today.
  • “DNA analysis indicates that the Chow Chow is one of the ancient dog breeds”
  • They are considered as the ancestor of other dog breeds, like the Samoyed, the            Norwegian Elkhound, the Pomeranian and the Keeshond


  • Square in profile with a board skull, with wide muzzles.
  • Ears are erect small and triangular.
  • The blue-black tongue is a distinguishing characteristic of the chow breed.
  • The adult Chow Chow has a height of 17 to 20 inches and weighs 45 to 70 pounds.
  • Chows are also known for the bushy tails that curl over their backs.
  • The breed is known for a very dense double coat which can be either rough or smooth.
  • They come in red, tan, black, cream, blue and sometimes white.

The Chow Chow profile


  • The Chow is a powerful, regal breed known for his loyalty, beautiful dog and he knows it.
  • Chows are very quiet, naturally well-behaved.
  • They are independent thinkers.
  • Unlike other breeds, they do not have a strong desire to please their masters.
  •  Loyal Companion.
  • Fiercely protective of their people which make him an excellent guard dog.
  • The Chow is a loving and respectful companion who tends to attach deeply to one or two members of his family.


  • Chows like to stay clean, and have a very high opinion of themselves, they love to look good.
  • Regular grooming helps to keep their appearance are attitude, along with creating a better relationship between the two of you.
  • Chows don’t need extensive trimming.
  • They need a few hours of brushing and bathing.
  • Grooming must start as soon as you bring your chow home whether he is 7 weeks or 7 months old.
  • Most chow chows are bathed weekly.
  •  They should be brushed weekly between baths.
  • Clipping toenails must be done weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Nails are easiest to cut after bathing.
  • Ear cleaning should also be done weekly using a product made for that reason.

Remember: Absolutely no shampoo should be left behind or it will irritate his skin.

How to discipline a Chow:

  • This breed is very intelligent, however, not always easy to train.
  • Chows tend to be territorial, stubborn, and naturally suspicious of strangers but, with the right and the proper training, they can be excellent companions.
  • Early socialization is very important, especially if there are kids and pets in the house
  • Socialization is key to a well-balanced Chow.
  • They require more discipline than other breeds.
  • Always assume the leader position.
  • Chows do not require too much exercise, daily walk and short game of fetch should take care of their physical needs.

Chow Chow must be only adopted by an experienced dog owner who has the time and energy to offer the right training and socialization.The strong-willed Chow needs an equally strong-willed owner.

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This Woman Wrote An Open Letter to the Human Who Abandoned Her Dog


To whom it may concern:

You don’t know me, but when you moved in the winter of 2013, you abandoned my dog. She was your family dog, and after you had packed everything away, you left her alone in your empty apartment. Your old landlord found her, alone and confused. He tried to contact you, but by that time, you were long gone.

Right now, your little red dog lies curled up beside me. She makes noises in her sleep. Her name is Brenda, and she is the best dog in the whole world.


She got that name at the animal shelter where she lived for almost a year in a kennel. She was passed over so many times she was named a member of the “Lonely Hearts Club.”

Years later, Brenda is still afraid of being left behind.
She is obsessed with making sure nobody is deserted like she was. When we walk up the four flights of stairs leading to our apartment, she stops at every single landing to make sure I’m following.

This Woman Wrote An Open Letter to the Human Who Abandoned Her Dog

My husband Tim and I can no longer walk Brenda together because if one of us leaves, goes home, or pops into a store, she panics. She has dragged me an entire half mile down the street to find Tim. In her mind, we are a pack, and we have to be together, all three of us.

Sweet Gesture For A Cold Shivering Stray Dog


Recently, a security camera filmed a customer coming out of a coffee in cold, rainy weather in Zonguldak, Turkey. While passing the door, the woman sees a stray dog, alone in the street. She then decides to stop rather than go her way like most people.

Deaf Part-Blind Elderly Dog Protects A Lost 3-Year-Old Girl


Max a deaf part-blind elderly dog never left the side of his little human

last Friday, a 3-year-old girl disappeared for several hours. She wandered off more than a mile from her home in ” Rugged Bushland”, but fortunately she was not alone.
Her deaf part-blind elderly Dog had never moved away from her. The police saluted the heroism of the canine companion.

Max is a true hero, for the Queensland Police (Northeastern Australia) as well as for all those who have read his story.
On the night of 20 and 21 April, as reported, this blue heeler senior dog stayed with the 3 -year-old daughter of his owners, and protecting her during her disappearance which had lasted long hours.

The absence of the girl, called Aurora, had been noticed Friday afternoon, towards 15h local. The search was then undertaken, but the girl was not found. Raking resumed the next morning and many people, between police, rescue workers and volunteers took part.

It was finally Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, who eventually located her and her dog. Shouting his name, 2 km from the home, she perceived the response of the girl. Her voice came from the heights of a mountain that Granny could climb. As soon as she approached the summit, Max came to meet her and guided her to Aurora. The latter suffered only slight injuries.

It could have gone any of 100 ways, but she is here, she is alive, she is well and it is a great outcome for our family, said Ms. Benette

The 17-year-old deaf, part- blind elderly dog, was honored by the Queensland police who announced, through his Facebook and Twitter accounts, that she had made him an “honorary police dog.”

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He Takes His Dog To The Vet And Makes A Request That Shocks Everyone


Fortunately, the vet made the right decision for this adorable dog

A few days before Christmas, an owner takes his dog to the vet clinic to put her down. Tracy -a four-year-old boxer dog- was used in Abusive breeding programs.

Worried as his dog is no longer able to have puppies, the man wanted to know if she is still able. Otherwise, he wanted to euthanize the poor soul.

“He asked the vet if she could have more puppies, and if she couldn’t, the only thing he would pay for would be Euthanasia“.

Knowing that the dog needed help and care, the brave veterinarian, who stepped up to save her, contacted an association so that it could take care of the poor Tracy who was so thin that she was barely able to stand up on her feet.
The breeder reported that it had been about 7-10 days since Tracy had last eaten.

A starving dog

After several examinations and no improvement in her condition. They made the decision to transfer her to an animal hospital that had 24×7 care and observation. Tracy has not progressed.
AABR consulted with her vet made the decision to have a feeding tube inserted because Tracy is not eating on her own, the dog began to catch her hair and could then be entrusted to a host family to finally receive all the love she deserves.

Remember Tracy, the Amish puppy mill momma who after the breeder found out she couldn’t have puppies said he would pay no more care than to euthanize this poor soul, and the brave veterinarian who stepped up to save her? Your outpouring of thoughts and prayers were INCREDIBLE, and we have an update. On arrival at the previous vet hospital in Lancaster County, The Amish famer had reported that it had been about 7-10 days since Tracy had last eaten. The vet thought it may have been Pancreatitis, and began treatment. After days of no improvement, we made the decision to transfer her to an animal hospital that had 24×7 care and observation. Since moving her on Tuesday evening, Tracy has not progressed. AABR consulted with her current vet, and made the decision to have a feeding tube inserted because Tracy is not eating on her own. She is still incredibly weak, cannot stand without support and still seems so defeated and lethargic. It breaks our hearts to think that someone could ever neglect an animal to this degree and feel no remorse, but that’s exactly how these Amish breeders operate. How can she be thrown away so easily? Once he heard she could no longer make him money, she became a disposable asset.While we are unsure of her prognosis at this time, Tracy is stable but not doing well. Thus far, the talented team at the veterinary emergency hospital that has been caring for her have been unable to pinpoint the source of her issues, and so we’ve decided to advance her to the University of Pennsylvania animal hospital for further care and testing. Adopt a Boxer Rescue turns no boxers away, and our only goal is to give them the life they deserve no matter how old, sick or destitute. Tracy needs us, but more importantly, she needs YOU! Please share her story to help make known the injustice dogs like her continue to suffer. It’s only through your collective voices that we can grow strong enough to overcome the scourge of commercial and abusive breeding programs!Please donate to Tracy’s care at has been moved to the University Of Pa specialty hospital. They do not know what is causing all her symptoms. While they are running tests she is being feed through a feeding tube and is getting lots of attention and love from the critical care nurses!!Please donate to help her.We are not taking applications at this time.

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Friday, December 22, 2017


In her new home, Tracy lives with four other Boxers and seems perfectly comfortable. She also eats very well.
In a few weeks, Tracy could even be placed for adoption to meet her new family for life. In the meantime, she continues to get used to her new life every day.
while an investigation has been launched to shut down the place from where she came.

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