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Dog Carries A Chair Every Day For A Reason That Moved The World- Video


Dog carries a chair for his owner

Dogs can be very surprising and often devote unconditional love to their owner. This is the case of Tomy, an adorable doggie living in Peru. In a few months, Tomy has become a real little local star. Why? You will soon discover it!
Tomy lives in Peru with his owner who is a street vendor. A demanding and often exhausting job. By seeing his human working all day long, he started a little ritual that touched everyone: this dog carries a chair and brings it to his owner every day so he can sit and breathe.

True dog’s love

Tomy is so attentive to the needs of his owner, he was filmed by a local Tv show called “La llamada”. That’s how he became a little star and his story spread around the world.


She Sees A Stray Dog In Her Rearview Mirror And Decides To Help Him

She decides to stop and help stray dog

Woman stop her car to help a stray dog 

This January, Laura Forma was driving her car when she saw, through her rearview mirror, a stray dog crossing the street behind her.

Already taking care of 8 dogs at home, Laura Forma did not hesitate to collect another stray dog. The latter wandered in the rain and cold. He needed a lot of help.

She lives in Houston, Texas, Laura Forma used to help stray dogs. She already had 8 at home: 6 adopted and 2 received on a temporary basis until they find an adoptive family.

Despite this, she did not ask herself a question. She turned around, but she did not find him right away. Laura Forma had to wait for a while before seeing it reappear. She called him and the Pitbull came to meet her without hesitation. She then invited him to board her vehicle.

The brave dog, very friendly, jumped into the passenger seat. He was delighted to find shelter, as rain and cold fell on the region. Above all, he seemed happy that someone finally gave him some attention.

She decides to stop and help stray dog

she calls him Thor, he was wearing a green collar. However, he had no tattoo or medallion to identify him.

For Laura Forma, there was no way to entrust the dog to a shelter in Houston because the city has a large number of stray dogs and already saturated institutions. Being a Pitbull, Thor would have had little chance of being adopted.

Good dog

So she took him home until she finds a solution. At home, Thor confirmed his first impressions; this extremely nice dog was particularly discreet and obedient.  Laura prepared a cozy bed on which he immediately landed, without making waves. At no time did he try to chew objects or anything.

When he was introduced to the  8 other dogs, he remained very calm. It was clear that he lived with a family and had received an education before.

She decides to stop and help stray dog

Although she was fond of him as the days went by, Laura Forma knew she could not keep it. So she contacted the Three Little Pitties Association, which has a mission to find foster families or adoption for dogs.

Today, Laura Forma is very happy to have stopped that day to get this brave doggie. She knows that he will eventually be adopted and that he will fill his future family with happiness.

She decides to stop and help stray dog

Photos: Laura Forma

To Save Dog From Drowning, Woman Jumps Into Cold Water


She risks her own life to save a dog from drowning

Hearing cries of distress, a young woman of 24 years did not hesitate to jump into the pond Meckenheim Park in Mee-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), to save dog’s life.

Pauline was walking in the park of Meckenheim when she heard a man yell shout “Blue, Blue, come my dog!” In the water was Blue, an American Staffordshire who obviously could not swim. In distress about 6 meters from the bank, he could not move forward and was losing more and more strength.

Seeing Pauline, The dog’s owner asked her to call the fire department while he began to undress. But the man did not know how to swim. So without further ado, Pauline removed her sweater and jumped into the water at 6 ° C to join Blue. “Arriving near him, he hung me up. He was super heavy!”  She said.

The young woman managed to hoist the dog to the bank. There, the firemen arrived. Pauline, in a state of hypothermia, was taken to the hospital, but she is better. Blue is also safe and sound. His owner is not about to forget this young unknown lady who did not hesitate to put her life in danger to save the life of his dog!

Incredible! Dolphins Save Dog From Drowning

Dolphins save dog from drowning

A few days ago, residents of Marco Island, Florida, witnessed an extraordinary scene. A lost Doberman dog had inadvertently fallen into a canal. Unable to go back to the shore because the bank was too high, he tried to keep his head out of the water. There was no one to help him.


While his strength was running out and the poor dog was extremely stressed, then a miracle happened: dolphins, certainly attracted by the dog’s movements in the water, came to him.  They surrounded him and began to shriek. Was it the expression of their fear or of their intelligence? No one knows.

Dolphins save dog from drowning

This attitude has attracted the attention of people who were not far away.

By understanding that a dog was in the water, the witnesses immediately contacted the fire department. They managed to save the poor animal who, hungry, thirsty and exhausted, was finally able to return to the bank safely. According to the rescuers, he would have spent 15 hours in the water! Led to the vet, he happily recovered from this mishap.



They Thought They Couldn’t Help This Injured Dog, Look At This Miracle

Miraculous survive- injured Dog

Seriously Injured dog on the road 

Elton the Dachshund was found alone and injured, wandering the streets, obviously in great suffering. He lost his family when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.
but fortunately, he crossed the road of volunteers who then take him to Vet Ranch so that he could receive the necessary care.

Immediately, the veterinarian does some physical exams on Elton, including X-rays. It is there that he discovers that his state of health is catastrophic. His entire back end was broken, No wonder he suffers so much.

Dog surgery

Faced with the extent of the damage in the small body of Elton, the veterinarian hesitates a little on the way forward but finally decides that he wants to give a second chance to this brave dog that has already seduced everyone.

After a very long operation, Elton could finally walk without pain and even wag his tail! A great victory for the whole team,  who was happy to see the brave dog play and doing crazy.
A month later, the dog was operated a second time to be fully recovered and it was a new success.
Today, little Elton is a completely different dog, who no longer suffers and he is happy.

A rescue that changed everything. Below, you can relive the rescue of Elton in the video.

Photos Credit: youtube

Thousands Of Stray Animals Are Killed In Russia Ahead Of World Cup

Stray animals- dog killed in Russia before World Cup
Stray Dog /pixabay

Russia is planning a mass slaughter of stray dogs before the World Cup

So we can kill living creatures in the name of the game. We can kill thousands of stray animals to let people run after balloons in peace. This is what Russia is teaching us.

The country launched, for the second time, a campaign to exterminate stray dogs and cats.

At 2014 Sochi, stray dogs were killed with poisonous darts

that killed them after a slow and painful agony.
Despite the polemic that this action had aroused around the world, it is clear that this cruel act is just repeated.

Officially, the Russian government has requested the creation of temporary shelters for stray animals.
Sports minister wants to avoid any measures of negative media coverage and be related to cruelty to animals”.

But animal defenders are not fooled. In fact, the massacre has already begun. captured dogs are immediately killed.

But why kill stray animals?

If Russia exterminates stray animals, it would be a question of image: a crowded city of stray dogs seems dirty and poor.
The Bloody Fifa 2018 community’s page also explains: “Local authorities and technical services in cities […] are convinced that these animals will upset sportsmen and fans, that these animals are undermining the ‘tourist attractiveness’ of cities”.

If a stray dog bites a supporter, he could “file a complaint against FIFA and seek compensation,” they said.
In fact, the fear of the bite is a pretext that hides a much deeper problem, the misappropriation of public money.

Animal Rights Defenders

stray animals- dog- cat- killed in Russia Before World cup
Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of City Animal Protection Foundation

According to Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of City Animal Protection Foundation, the slaughter of stray dogs and cats would cost more than 100 million rubles (1.4 million euros) to the regions hosting the World Cup.

“With this money, we could fund the sterilization of dogs, their vaccination, and their housing, but they prefer to kill,” she said.

To kill, for pleasure, and for-profit, would, in fact, be the real reason for these massive murders. Thus, the city of St.Petersburg would commission “dog hunters” who would receive bonuses depending on the number of animals killed. According to Ekaterina Dmitrieva,

“It would not have taken more than 5 or 6 years to solve the problem of stray animals all over the country, but it does not serve their interests.

They need new puppies to continue the killings, for which they receive public money. In addition, domestic dogs are also victims, caught to make the figure and touch the premiums.

Fifa has been alerted to this wave of extermination. But the message the animal advocates have received is disappointing.
“We have received a lot of letters, but we have so much to do that we take note of it without being able to help you, Sorry”.

In response, calls for boycotts and a petition were launched.

The goal is to ensure that the World Cup does not take place in Russia, but in a country where animals have rights, or at least the right to live“.

Dog Saves 10-year-old Girl From A Kidnapper

pet dog saves little girl
pet dog saves little girl-google image

Dog Saves Owner From Attempted kidnapping

Everything seemed normal that day in Woodbridge, Virginia when a 10 years old girl goes out walking with her dog, as she used to. But in a few seconds, everything has changed.
A man quickly approached the girl before grabbing her by the arm. According to police officers, the girl was so frightened that no sound came out of her mouth. Fortunately, her dog saves her quickly and bites the man strong enough to make him leave.

Not hurt, the girl is still in shock. the police then searched the area with a police dog but could not find the suspect.  Out of respect for her private life, no pictures of the girl, nor even her name were disclosed.

In a statement on Facebook. the police department said,” At approximately 3:50 pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was walking her dog in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Ct in Woodbridge when an unknown man approached her and grabbed her arm.”

“During the encounter, the victim’s dog bite the suspect who then released her and fled on foot”

The police department issued a description of the suspect.

He is a “Hispanic male” of unknown age. He is thought to be roughly 5’3″, and 145lbs with a thin build, short brown hair, and a goatee.

The suspect was last seen wearing a white striped shirt and light colored long trousers.

One thing is certain, without this hero pet dog, this girl could have had much less luck during this aggression.

Photo Credit: Google Image

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