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Teenager Throws Dog Off Cliff Into Sea


From the top of a cliff in Falmouth, Cornwall, a video posted on social media shows a young man throwing a dog into the sea. Unbearable images, condemned by social media. An investigation is underway. The only good news is that the dog is alive!

Man And His Blind Dog Travels 1,100 Miles

In the face of adversity, there are two schools: to retreat or to continue to advance. Kyle and his dog Katana have decided to face her blindness. They embarked on a new journey of two and a half months, and more than 1,100 miles. Like nothing ever happened. To enjoy, again and again, their life as adventurers.

He Was Filming Sharks, Dogs Approaching And What’s Happen Next Is Breathtaking


An incredible meeting:

What would you do if you saw sharks swimming in the shallows? Most people would be scared. But this is not the case with these fearless dogs that you will discover.

To Save Dog’s Life, This Man Does Not Hesitate To Break The Law!


A simple landscape gardener, Jason Minson turned himself into a cold-blooded lifeguard to get a dog out of a car where he was starting to choke. If breaking a window is considered a crime in some American states, the man did not care. Only the survival of the animal mattered to him!

10 Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life


Dogs are certainly man’s best friend, they brought him many physical and mental benefits. In addition, if you have children at home, having a dog will help them learn more about commitment, responsibility, and care.

14 Dogs Think They Are Humans And They Are Completely In The Game


When dogs think they are humans

It seems that by dint of living with us and watching us, the dogs end up looking like us. Do we borrow some of our habits and attitudes? To see these 10 photos, we are tempted to believe it.

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Firefighter Saves Puppy's Life In Front Of His Mad Mother

Firefighter Saves Puppy’s Life In Front Of His Mad Mother

Firefighters and animal services in Bastrop County, Texas responded quickly to the distress call to rescue a puppy. Dogs are naturally curious, especially the youngest...