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She Lost Her Hind Legs, This wandering Dog Struggles To Raise Her Young


She lost her hind legs when she was hit by a train, Si Bao the wandering bitch not only survived this horrible accident, but she also found the courage to take care of puppies she had just given birth. Then an association took care of the whole family …

Puppy Wakes Up And Sings Along To “Let It Go”


When He Hears a song he loves, he can not help but sing it!

There is not a day going on without the dogs’ intelligence being proven. This video makes its little buzz on social media. We see a dog recognize the music he prefers. Quietly installed in the car, he stands up and pushes the ditty. A performance of high aerobatics!

In China, Dog Breeder Will Go To Jail For Giving These Two Names To His Dogs


How a little joke can have serious consequences …

In East China, Anhui Province, a dog breeder shared a joke on social media last week. Today, he must regret not having kept it for himself!

The Picture Of This Abused Truffle Dog Angers Many People


The work of dogs is often denounced. These pets are sometimes used wrongly, in many activities where they can not flourish. In parallel, they are often abused and are only used for commercial purposes. This is the case of this canine, which was photographed with a sadistic device on the head. Simply in the optics of finding truffles …

This Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Riping His Favorite Pillow


Sometimes we hurt those we love …

Draco the Pit Bull was adopted into a shelter when he was only 2 weeks old. And since his youngest age, he has a favorite toy: a pillow that he nibbles every time he wants to take a nap.

Grandma Did Not Like The New Dog Of The Family Then He Saved Her


When Mason joined Annabelle Camp at 4 months last October, the young woman’s grandmother does not like it. She ignored most of the time.

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