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This Dog Knows How To Destroy A Piñata (video)

A child was struggling to dismantle a hanging figurine filled with treats. If his slashing started Mario’s birthday piñata, it was not enough to completely dismantle him. It was the dog, who witnessed the “thrashing” from the beginning, who showed him how to do it.

Golden Retriever Thinks Vet’s Office Is A Playground


Most pets don’t like the idea of going to the vet, but this puppy is something special. It’s inevitable that people won’t feel his cheerful presence while he’s running around very quickly. He likes to explore every corner of the place where he will be cared for and make sure that he is in optimal health so that he can continue to play as the happiest dog in the world.

Dog Goes After Owner With a Knife


If a dog is coming at you with a knife do you fight back?? Check out this cute video of a dog going after his owner’s friend and judge for yourself if the dog is capable of murder.

They Make Realistic Pet Slippers That Look So Real

Wow, this pet slippers will blow your mind!

Dogs and cats are one of the best aspects of being a human. They’re there to cuddle with you on a bad day, motivate you to be a real pet owner, and amuse you with their silliness.

Astrology: Are You Compatible With The Zodiac Sign Of Your Dog?


Have you ever paid attention to the astrology … of your dog? To those signs of the zodiac that intrigue us on a daily basis? Should we choose our companion according to our sign and his? Does this really define the compatibility of each? If you believe it, then this article is for you.

Accused Of Mistreating His Dog, When The Police Arrived Everyone Explodes Laughing


Story based on dog, statue, and neighbor particularly vigilant.

Baependi is a quiet city in southern Brazil. Life flows here lazily and the inhabitants have no special distractions. Fortunately, a recent mishap has made everyone laugh.

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