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Border Collie Saves Chihuahua From Being Crushed By Car


it is on the images of a CCTV that the heroic act of a Border Collie could be immortalized. This video shows three dogs playing next to their owner on a parking lot in the city of Gaspé, in eastern Quebec. In this same field of vision, we see a woman in a hurry who will join her vehicle.

These 25 Magical Images Of Relationships Between Mothers And Their Puppies


In two weeks will be celebrating Mother’s Day. A special moment for the many mothers of this world. On this day, we often offer a small gift to the one who gave you birth. We are especially generous, attentive, kind and avoid creating conflicts where there is none.

Watch: This Cat Crashed The Christian Dior Fashion Show


This feline owned the “catwalk” on Monday

It is at the Palais Badi in Marrakech that the luxury brand Dior presented its latest collection a few days ago. A parade really unlike any other.

Game of Thrones: Australian Police Send Message To Jon Snow After Abandoning Ghost


After the shot of the forgotten Starbucks mug during a scene, episode 4 of Game of Thrones is still talking about him. This time, it was Jon Snow who attracted the wrath of Internet users and the Australian police by abandoning his faithful companion, Ghost.

Teenager Throws Dog Off Cliff Into Sea


From the top of a cliff in Falmouth, Cornwall, a video posted on social media shows a young man throwing a dog into the sea. Unbearable images, condemned by social media. An investigation is underway. The only good news is that the dog is alive!

Watch: This Puppy Is Jenga Ace, Really impressive Skills


Are you familiar to Jenga? This brick game – where you remove pieces from a tower so you do not knock it down – requires dexterity and patience. Qualities possessed by a pup captured on video in the United States!

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