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Abandoned dog Adopts 2 orphan kittens Just After losing Her Puppies

Abandoned dog adopts 2 kittens

Abandoned dog lost her puppies at birth

She lived the cruelest test a mother can know: the loss of her babies. This Abandoned dog was living at the Mommy and Me Rescue Refuge in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania.

She had been abandoned by her former owner while she was pregnant. The shelter team, including Carol Kalinowski, did everything to make her feel serene and happy, but sadly she turned out to be sick. She was suffering from trichuriasis and Lyme disease, which caused her pups to be born very prematurely.

None of the 7 puppies survived … Devastated by the death of her babies, Dorothy also had to be hospitalized. The poor dog did not stop crying while desperately searching for her little ones.

Meanwhile, at another shelter in the city, the Wanna-Be Pet Rescue, Rebecca Hetherington hosted 2 orphaned kittens, only a few weeks old. They really need a mom.

Carol Kalinowski then had the idea and contact Rebecca Hetherington to put the 3 animals together and see if links could be created between them.

Mother Instinct

When Dorothy met the kittens for the first time, she first seemed confused, not knowing what to do with these little beings. Then her maternal instinct was expressed …

She let the young felines approach her and snuggle up against her, and she instinctively protected and licked them.

Now, this little family is spending happy days with Carol and her husband Anthony, who are busy feeding the kittens with goat milk while Dorothy fully assumes her role as a surrogate mother. A situation that has soothed and allows her to better live the mourning.

Dorothy was extremely sad as she just lost her 7 puppies at birth. For their part, 2 kittens were just as lost because they no longer had their mother. Their meeting was fabulous. As you can see in the photos.


He Approaches To Check On A Dead Dog- Then Learns The Funny Surprise

plays dead dog for more treat and cuddles

A dead dog on the roadside, or so he thought

A few days ago, Manuel Delgado was on a bike ride through the mountains outside Madrid, Spain when he saw something that caught his eye. There, in front of him, was a wounded creature in desperate need of help.
Delgado noticed a couple gazing concernedly at something on the roadside. he decides to stop and help. As he got closer, he realized they were standing over a large dead dog body.

The couple then explains that they were walking around when they saw this dog coming towards them, and he simply falling, stone- dead. And the poor dog absolutely does not seem to react to caresses … He was not showing any sign of life.

Fortunately, the dog was wearing a collar with a phone number and his name: Tizón. Manuel Delgado and the couple decide to call the number, but the line went to voicemail. They then contact the police for help.

A very surprising Truth

By contacting the local police, Manuel Delgado discovers the end of this story. In fact, Tizón is already well known to the police who are used to his little play. The dog is not dead at all but he simply plays the dead to receive cuddles and food. And he does that with all the people who pass by him!

Very surprised, Manuel Delgado has a hard time believing this story because the dog seems really dead or seriously injured.

But then, as a test, they decide to step away from the playing dead dog and pretend to ignore the animal. And that’s where Tizón got up!

plays dead dog for more treat and cuddles
Manuel Delgado

“Once we got a couple of meters away, he started acting like a normal dog,” Delgado said ” He got up, walked over to us and dropped dead again. His acting was perfect”

A real little adorable dog who “traps” people every day for treats, food, and more cuddles.

                                                                               PhotosCredit: Manuel Delgado 

This Adorable Dog Always Comes To See His Owner Take His Bath, The Reason Will Make You Laugh

Adorable dog

Here is an attentive adorable doggie !

Clark is an adorable dog. Whenever his human is going to take a shower or taking a bath, he is present! And if at first, his human was a little surprised. It must be said that Clark has an adorable reason for doing this: he wants to help his owner to pass this painful test.

An adorable dog

Not only does Clark spend long minutes looking after his owner in showers taken bath, he’s even better. After a few minutes, he goes for a toy and throws it at his master as if to offer him a small compensation to cheer him up during this ordeal.

Because he hates bathing, Clark thinks naturally that his humans feel the same way. It is therefore by the pure kindness that he assists him during these moments and even offers him his toys!

The owner wrote on twitter

Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I’ll feel better

Clark’s owner was able to photograph all this, he simply explained that as his dog always behaves like that during showers or baths, it was not difficult to use his phone once to keep it a souvenir.

Otherwise, Clark is also a very normal dog who loves to play outside, to pose for many pictures and to sleep!

Here is the original tweet:

Photos Credit: Twitter

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Man’s Best Friend, Girlfriend Tells Boyfriend ” Either The Dog Goes Or I Go”

Man's Best Friend

We all know that dog is man’s best friend, and most of human love to live with dogs cause they are loyal, good entertainers and love us unconditionally, and that is more than can be said for some humans….
The bond that we share with our pets is special; some owners love them like close family members. So the idea of being forced apart from our furry friends can be devastated.
If you asked any owner to give away his dog is almost like being asked to give away a close family member.
When this man’s girlfriend gave him an ultimatum, he had a difficult decision to make.

After dating for four years, this couple from  Roanoke, Virginia decided to move in together. But the only obstacle was Molly 4 years Beagle, the girlfriend didn’t care for her boyfriend’s  beloved man’s best friend, she demands ” Either the dog goes or I go”.
This is why he decided to write an advertisement on Craigslist, and we must admit the manner he dealt this issue is absolutely brilliant.

Never try to get in between a man and a man’s best friend!

My girlfriend des’not like my Beagle Molly. So i have to rehome her. She is a purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her 4 years. She likes to play games.Not totally trained. Has long hair, so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done. Stays up all night yapping but sleep while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!So………. anyone interested in my 30 year old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! Me and my dog want her re-homed ASAP!

We rewrote the text above to make it clear and readable, here is the original:

Man's Best Friend



She Wants To Take Christmas Photos With Her Dog, The Result Was Hilarious


Sometimes the Christmas spirit is not there and you do not have to force things. A few days ago, the famous Siberian Husky Anuko and his owner Jasmine tried the adventure of the festive pictures to make beautiful greeting cards for the end of the year. Unfortunately, the result is not necessarily what we expected!

A beautiful meeting

You must know that Jasmine met Anuko when he was only a few weeks old. And he immediately took an important place in her life and her daily life since he was there to serve as emotional support to the young depressed woman during the days she struggled through her mental health.
“I got him to help me get out of bed in the morning and give meaning to my life. Since he has been with me, everything has changed. “
Since they met, Anuko and Jasmine are inseparable and love having fun together. But not necessarily to dress up as a reindeer and take Christmas pictures!

Funny Christmas Photos

If Anuko is very fond of year-end holidays to enjoy the cold and the snow, the dog likes the christmas disguise much less according to his owner who dressed him up for a christmas card photoshoot.

And the result is rather grumpy! But be careful not to trust the facial expression of Anuko because its particularity is to always seem a little grumpy, even when everything is fine and he is very happy, and there is an explanation,”he has a dark black mask around his face that makes him look that way”

The story does not say if Anuko enjoyed his photoshoot, but the result is in any case particularly offbeat and fun!

                                                                                        photo credits:Instagram


And If Santa Brings You Your Pet Home On Christmas Eve?


To promote adoption just before the end of the year, Front Street Animal Shelter,  in Sacramento, California, had the brilliant idea to call Santa in person!

The idea is simple: Just go to the shelter to meet the animals, adopt one, and … have it delivered directly to your home on Christmas day! That’s the idea of Front Street Animal Shelter, as this video shows:

Santa Pawlooza – Puppy and Kitten Deliveries

Adopt a puppy or kitten and have them delivered on Christmas Eve!We're helping our pets find homes for the holidays by offering deliveries of puppies and kittens to adopters at their homes. Make this the most exciting and memorable Christmas ever for your family, while saving a life at the same time! Delivery fees are tiered as follows:Silver: $150 – Have a Front Street volunteer deliver your puppy or kitten to your home between 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve.Gold: $200 – Have Santa deliver your puppy or kitten to your home between 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve.Platinum: $300 – Have Santa deliver all of your gifts to your home with your puppy or kitten, with a pre-arranged present pick up and delivery time after dark on Christmas Eve (only 10 deliveries available!)For more information, email us at with the subject line "SantaPawlooza"

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Saturday, December 2, 2017

For $ 300, it’s Santa Claus who delivers your dog!

But such a benefit has a cost: so that he comes to your doorbell between 10am and 3pm on Christmas Eve, with your dog, it will cost $ 200.

For $ 300, he will deliver ALL your Christmas gifts to your home, including your dog, after midnight of course, so that the magic is total. However, for $ 150, it will be a volunteer – not Santa Claus – who will bring you your new companion on Christmas Eve.

Obviously, having your dog delivered on Christmas Day by Santa Claus has something magical, especially for children. However, it is necessary to avoid that the euphoria of Christmas prevails on the reason: an animal is not a gift which one receives after a whim, it is a living being… If the intention of the shelter is rather good, it remains to know if the animals delivered by Santa Claus will remain forever in their new home.


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