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Man And His Blind Dog Travels 1,100 Miles

In the face of adversity, there are two schools: to retreat or to continue to advance. Kyle and his dog Katana have decided to face her blindness. They embarked on a new journey of two and a half months, and more than 1,100 miles. Like nothing ever happened. To enjoy, again and again, their life as adventurers.

He Was Filming Sharks, Dogs Approaching And What’s Happen Next Is Breathtaking


An incredible meeting:

What would you do if you saw sharks swimming in the shallows? Most people would be scared. But this is not the case with these fearless dogs that you will discover.

After His Dog Passed Away, This Man’s Daughter Offers Him An Unexpected Gift


How to relieve the pain of a man who has lost his dog? This is not obvious. The disappearance of a loved one is always difficult to manage. This father had the happiness to see his daughter responsive and full of ingenuity. Her gift allowed him to better digest the sudden absence of his companion.

Postman Discovered Frozen Abandoned Dog And Saves His Life


Postman Nate Ohlman found a 12-year-old dog lying on the side of a dead end road, abandoned and trembling with cold. No way out, it was also the future of the canine. Fortunately, he was able to heal after several weeks and return to his rescuer’s home.

Man Accidentally Discovers 5 Small Puppies Abandoned In The Forest 


On the edge of the forest in Anson County, North Carolina, 5 puppies were miraculously saved by a man who passed by. Of these 5, one was not really doing the best. But thanks to the care lavished, he was able to survive. Like his peers.

14 Dogs “Betrayed” By Their Owners Who Took Them To The Vet


If you own a dog, you will definitely need to take it to the vet when it gets sick or for the annual visit. For your doggie, it will not be a pleasant moment.

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