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Dog Overcomes His Depression Thanks To Duck


A Labrador named George fell into a deep depression following the death of his brother. For 2 years, he perished visibly, much to the chagrin of his adopted family. And then, a duck has appeared … A magical duck!

So Cute: Pit Bull Finds And Adopts Baby Bunny 


There are dogs that you would not dare to bother because they can be vicious and aggressive when provoked.

In Istanbul, They Recycle Plastic Bottles To Feed Stray Dogs!


This is the innovative idea of ​​a Turkish company called Pugedon who created a device that trades empty plastic bottles for kibble portions for stray dogs in the city.

14 Pictures That Tell Us what Pets Really Feel!

If animals can’t speak, it is not difficult to understand them. And when an animal is angry, his whole body expresses himself, we talk about body language. If it is sometimes difficult to decipher, some animals do not hesitate to give us some tracks on what they really feel! The proof in 14 photos!

Dog Looks Like A Human And His Picture Makes Everyone Uncomfortable


Yogi face looks like a human face

This is Yogi. A pup that is MUCH talking about him right now. You see why? Yes, because this dog looks like a human! At least, his mouth looks like a man’s mouth. And it’s quite disturbing.

Dog Comforts His Crying Baby Brother By Bringing Him His Favorite Toy

Dog Comforts His Crying Baby Brother By Bringing Him His Favorite Toy

This loyal dog comforts his crying baby brother and brings him his favorite toy
Dogs perceive and understand many things before us and better than us. Brutus is the perfect illustration. It also proves that these animals are the best friends of children.

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