The reason why they abandoned this cute dog that is just the foolish

There is no such thing as “loving too much,” but sometimes the way we express our love could use some improvement.

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Such was the case for a 1-year-old cute dog named Jubilee. Jubilee was surrendered to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, by her former owner, who claimed the dog was too clingy to fit into their home and lifestyle. “She always wants to be by my side,” Jubilee’s former owner complained to the shelter.

Cute Dog Given Up For Being [Too Affectionate]


“He had a whole list of other reasons for turning her in: ate his sofa, chewed a baseboard, a cushion, etc.,” stated Minda Emas Harris, rescue coordinator for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. “He brought her to a shelter, hoping we would do what we are supposed to do — find her a home.”

jubilee in his new home (2)

After the shelter shared the cute dog’s tale on their social media pages and news organizations picked up the story of the dog who loved too much, adoption applications began flooding into the shelter. More than 35,000 people read and shared Jubilee’s story and submitted their requests to give the dog a home where she could achieve her goal of being inseparable with her family.

jubilee in his new home (1)

Samantha Fewox was the lucky person whose adoption application was accepted, and she couldn’t wait to provide Jubilee with the forever home she deserves. “It touched me. She loved so much,” Samantha said. “I knew I was supposed to have her.”

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