Max a deaf part-blind elderly dog never left the side of his little human

last Friday, a 3-year-old girl disappeared for several hours. She wandered off more than a mile from her home in ” Rugged Bushland”, but fortunately she was not alone.

Her deaf part-blind elderly Dog had never moved away from her. The police saluted the heroism of the canine companion.

Max is a true hero, for the Queensland Police (Northeastern Australia) as well as for all those who have read his story.

On the night of 20 and 21 April, as reported, this blue heeler senior dog stayed with the 3 -year-old daughter of his owners, and protecting her during her disappearance which had lasted long hours.

The absence of the girl, called Aurora, had been noticed Friday afternoon, towards 15h local. The search was then undertaken, but the girl was not found.

Raking resumed the next morning and many people, between police, rescue workers and volunteers took part.

It was finally Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, who eventually located her and her dog. Shouting his name, 2 km from the home, she perceived the response of the girl.

Her voice came from the heights of a mountain that Granny could climb. As soon as she approached the summit, Max came to meet her and guided her to Aurora. The latter suffered only slight injuries.

It could have gone any of 100 ways, but she is here, she is alive, she is well and it is a great outcome for our family, said Ms. Benette

The 17-year-old deaf, part- blind elderly dog, was honored by the Queensland police who announced, through his Facebook and Twitter accounts, that she had made him an “honorary police dog.”