Fortunately, the vet made the right decision for this adorable dog

A few days before Christmas, an owner takes his dog to the vet clinic to put her down. Tracy -a four-year-old boxer dog- was used in Abusive breeding programs.

Worried as his dog is no longer able to have puppies, the man wanted to know if she is still able. Otherwise, he wanted to euthanize the poor soul.

“He asked the vet if she could have more puppies, and if she couldn’t, the only thing he would pay for would be Euthanasia“.

Knowing that the dog needed help and care, the brave veterinarian, who stepped up to save her, contacted an association so that it could take care of the poor Tracy who was so thin that she was barely able to stand up on her feet.
The breeder reported that it had been about 7-10 days since Tracy had last eaten.

A starving dog

After several examinations and no improvement in her condition. They made the decision to transfer her to an animal hospital that had 24×7 care and observation. Tracy has not progressed.
AABR consulted with her vet made the decision to have a feeding tube inserted because Tracy is not eating on her own, the dog began to catch her hair and could then be entrusted to a host family to finally receive all the love she deserves.


In her new home, Tracy lives with four other Boxers and seems perfectly comfortable. She also eats very well.
In a few weeks, Tracy could even be placed for adoption to meet her new family for life. In the meantime, she continues to get used to her new life every day.
while an investigation has been launched to shut down the place from where she came.

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