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A Dog Dies Of An Infection After Being Shot In The Stomach

Location of Jura in France

A Jura couple filed a complaint after their dog dies of an infection caused by a gunshot. He had received a 22-caliber bullet in the abdomen.

As L’Est Républicain reports, a 7-year-old dog lost his life last weekend after being shot.

The incident took place on Wednesday, April 18, at a place called Mountain in Coisia, in the department of Jura.

Maxime Darcq, the owner of the dog Yembe, a crusader Berger de Brie, worked at night and returned home around 4 am. He was then awakened around 9 am by Yembe because he wanted to do his needs, before going back to sleep until 11 am. It was at this time that he noticed the disappearance of the quadruped, while the portal was open.

It was not until noon when Maxime’s companion was returning from work, that the dog reappeared. He was lying in the shade, motionless, then got up and took a few steps limping. While approaching him, his owners discovered a hole in the abdomen, but no blood.

22 caliber bullet in the belly

They took him to the vet who did an x-ray. This revealed the presence of a 22 caliber bullet in the belly. The projectile had not reached any vital organ and the animal had to fast to be operated on.

The ball generated an infection that ended up killing Yembe after 3 days of suffering on Saturday, April 21st.

Maxime and his companion Dorine went to the gendarmerie to lodge their complaint. They also distributed posters in the town to collect possible testimonies and understand why their dog was killed, described as friendly to everyone.

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