They Ask For Dog Euthanasia AS Their Golden Retriever Was [Overweight]

Overweight golden retriever’s owners demanded dog euthanasia

After a dog-owner demanded  dog euthanasia for their overweight golden retriever, a veterinarian decided to save him instead.

Kai’s owners took him to get euthanised, but the veterinarian decided to phone animal workers to help find the dangerously heavy pooch a new home.

Enter Pam Heggie, who became Kai’s foster mother and helped him lose more than 100 pounds.

As reported by Metro, the veterinarian told Pam:

[Kai] is the most overweight dog I’ve ever seen…anything you do is gonna help that dog. Anything that he will let you do is good for him

This is by far my favourite part of swim day…

Posted by This is Kai on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

When Kai arrived at his new home for the first time, it took him 20 minutes to climb the small set of steps that led to the door, Pam told Good Morning America.

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