How much and how often you should give food dog to your dog?


As owners, we concerned about our pets health and the food our dogs eat, and we certainly prefer the best dog food for our dogs.

Good food and a balanced diet are essential for our pets health, So what’s the best dog food for our canine companions?dog food The answer to this question depends on what kind of food you are looking for?

– Should you feed your pet dog canned, dry or homemade food?
– And of course, does how you feed your dog matter?
– Finally, do you feed a puppy or an adult dog?

After taking into consideration dozens of criteria, we set out the best dog food should contain:

– No chemical conservatives.
– No unspecified meat consistent.
– Free of generic animal fats.
– A considerable quantity of meat-based protein.
– Fat-to-protein ration less than 75%.
– Small carbohydrate content.

Commercial and homemade dog food

We all know that commercial dog food is available in three forms, canned, dry and semi-moist.
– Semi-moist contain the large amounts of artificial chemical additives.
– Dry foods contain about 90% dry matter and 10% water. They are a blended mixture of grains, meat and meat by-products, fats, mineral and vitamins.
– Canned dog food contains 68-78% water and 22-32% dry matter.
– Most dogs prefer canned or homemade diet.

Does how you feed your dog matter?

– What and when you feed your puppy can define him when he is older.
– Your dog diet will also affect its general health.
– Water should be available to your pet at all times – especially during heavy exercise to prevent dehydration and overheating.
– Adult dogs do well on just one or two meals a day but puppies need to eat more frequently.

Do you feed an adult dog or a puppy?


dog food




– Puppies require more calories and essential nutrients.
– Puppies may eat three to four times per day.
– If your puppy is under 7 months of age you should give him food specially formulated for puppies.
But if you have a larger breed dog:
– He may need to be fed puppy food until he is at least a year.
– Old adult dogs should be fed according to their size and energy needs.
– The adult dog generally eats one to two meals per day.
– Older dogs may require special diets as they are usually less active.
– Choose a good quality food found at your pet store or your vet’s office and use measuring cups to avoid over-serving.

Tips for your dog’s health:

– Be sure to consult your veterinarian If you are considering changing your dog’s diets or have questions about his nutrition.
– When it comes to snacking or using training treats too many treats will lead your pup to gain weight.
– To keep your dog trim you may want to try healthier snack options,low-calorie treats can include vegetables such as carrots and string beans or fruits such as bananas and apples.
-Be sure to include treats into your dog’s daily allowed calories.

There are also certain things you should not feed your dog like:


food dog

-Grapes onions.
-Macadamia nuts.
-Raisins and artificial sweeteners can be very harmful and poisonous to dogs excessive.
-Fat and meats or dairy products can also cause digestive distress or pancreatitis.

Remember just like humans a balanced diet and a good dog food is an important part of keeping your beloved dog active and healthy.

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