Dog gives birth to not 10 but 11 beautiful puppies

When the members of the shelter met this female Chihuahua, it was absolutely obvious that she was going to have little ones soon. But what no one could imagine was the number of puppies will this dog gives birth to.
At 18 months, LOL – that’s her first name – was dropped by her owner at the Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption shelter in Kansas. She was then placed in a host family to be able to put her babies in good conditions. And 5 days later, that’s what she did.

XXL birth

Last Friday, surrounded by her adoptive parents, LOL started giving birth to her babies. After giving birth to eight puppies, everyone thought it was over. But not at all, a ninth puppy then a tenth came into the world. This time, the calving seemed over. But getting up the next day, the couple found the eleventh puppy!
Shocked, LOL’s foster family had the puppies, who are all in perfect health.

A record!

With this XXL birth, LOL could enter the record books as she would hold the largest number of puppies in a Chihuahua litter. The previous record was 10 puppies.

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Introducing the world record holders! Mommas pups!

Posted by Momma LOL Party of 11 on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

While waiting to get this record approved – which takes several weeks – LOL and her little ones are resting and enjoying each other. When they are old enough to be adopted, the puppies will join their families for life.

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