Visits to the veterinarian and groomer should be high on the list of dislikes for most dogs. Although a quick wash is not as intimidating as a medical checkup, many dogs feel a little anxious about scissors and clippers.

One of the worst experiences for most dogs, when they visit the groomer, is to have their nails cut. Most dogs would tell you that they hate having their nails cut if they could talk. And if you take a few moments to think about it, why would not they hate it?

The pads of the dogs are particularly sensitive it is very uncomfortable when someone shoots them with what looks like a clip. We often think that what is offered to a dog is good for him but you never really know what the animal really thinks.

Kendal Pfeifer has already struggled to see how much his dog hated cutting his nails. But his dad recently came up with something to make the process a little easier for his dog. She decided to share “the trick” with her friends online.

Kendal tweeted the photos in February showing his father cutting the dog’s nails. The publication received 50,000 retweets and 200,000 likes in less than two days.

The creativity of Kendal’s father shocked people. Few people would ever have thought of making a comfortable harness for the dog using a handbag. Kendal’s father then placed the dog in the harness and cut his nails without incident.

The comments came from all over the world. One person described as the best thing she had ever seen and another woman wrote, “What a father!”

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