A Labrador named George fell into a deep depression following the death of his brother. For 2 years, he perished visibly, much to the chagrin of his adopted family. And then, a duck has appeared … A magical duck!

George was inconsolable. This caramel-fur Labrador has lost his faithful friend and even brother, Blackie, the other Labrador of the family. At Inside Edition, Jacquie Litton, George’s adoptive mother, recounts this important depression: “He was not eating, he was going to starve. He would have something like anxiety. He would have multitudes of skin infections by biting himself. “

This long and deep depression lasted 2 years. And then, one day, a duck appeared on the property of Litton. A chance benefactor. Immediately, this animal that has nothing to do with George has established a friendly relationship with the canine. What to do directly George out of his bad passage.

A duck appeared the anniversary week of Blackie’s death

“George loves him, he’s his friend,” laughs Jacquie. He’s really happy since the duck appeared. He’s even fine. He does not whine anymore, he does not show a sad face when you come back in the car. The depression disappeared as if by magic. George and his new friend spend the whole day together and sleep even without leaving each other.

“We do not know where this duck comes from, but George loves it and has not cried once since he was there. It is strange that a duck appears at home and that it is attached to a dog. It’s even stranger that there is the anniversary week of Blackie’s disappearance. Providence? Coincidence? Call it what you want.

Anyway, George and Donald, name were given to the duck, never leave each other. 

“I will take the greatest care of him,” promises Jacquie, happy to have an active and fulfilling dog again.