One night a few weeks ago, a dog named Chino was abandoned by his owners in front of a church.
Completely alone and terrified, the ten-year-old Golden Retriever sat and remained motionless all night. He was just waiting for the return of his owners, but unfortunately, nobody came back for him …

It was only the next morning that members of the church spotted the dog and understood at first sight that the animal was abandoned after a lifetime of suffering.
Irritated by scabies, covered with fleas, the dog had ragged skin. He was so malnourished that he had difficulty to walk and even seemed blind.

In brief, a very hard life for Chino who was waiting for the return of his owners, despite everything.

The Marley’s Mutts dog rescue in California offers a new life for Chino 

Realizing that the dog needed help, the church employees then contacted the Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in California.

Zack Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in California, rolled over immediately to help him. But the poor dog was scared and wouldn’t stop barking, he was very suspicious and distant. They quickly understand that he was probably kept outside and barely interacted with people.
They also notice that his eyes are so irritated that they are almost rotten … A very complicated situation.

Chino soon began his treatment, and two weeks after his rescue, he’s major progress. His vision could luckily be restored, he acts like a completely different dog after having regained some hair and confidence, he starts to play and running around, he becomes much more cooperative and less anxious. After a while, Chino becomes more friendly around everyone he meets, he even got in touch with the other animals in the shelter!

A great success and especially a big change for this poor dog traumatized by his past life.