The story began when a tourist who was visiting Romania connected Howl Of A Dog about a stray dog that she keept seeing on the street during her stay in a small resort town.


When they got there, the locals told them that the dog has been living in that neighborhood for years, and everybody seemed to know her.

Helen, they named her, was one of the lucky stray animals. She had relatively safe place and received food scraps from passer-by.

But life on the street is not easy, especially for old dog like Helen, deprived of any medical care and always in danger of getting hit by a car or harmed by those who aren’t friendly toward animals and there are many.

The sweet dog waited her entire life for a moment like this, they drove straight to the veterinary clinic, the journey took 2 hours.

When arrived at the clinic vet noticed a plastic tag on her ear a part of a trap- neuter-release program which means she was captured before got spayed and then was realizes back on the street.

That took place until 2013. It means that Helen had been living alone on the streets for at least 6 years. Helen has been living on the street for at least 6 years.

She was examined and the vet ran a series of blood tests and was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis, a thick- borne disease and had received the medication she needs.

She now safe in care, at Houl Of A Dog in Romania, ready for adoption.

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“It’s hard to find the right words to describe Helen, she is absolutely an amazing dog: so calm and friendly with everyone and extremely well mannered,” they wrote. “A wonderful, pleasant temperament.”

Watch the video below to see just how wonderful Helen is