Emerson suspected victim of dog fighting needs a home

His wounds have healed but deep scars remain. The dog called Emerson, suspected to be a victim of dog fighting is not easy to deal with, He needs training, patience and a correct socialization.
On Dec. 28, 2017, He was Found stray wandering at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, off of State Road 520 west of Cocoa – His injuries were probably caused by dog fighting.

“Emerson is a study in contradictions. He didn’t get the scarring all over, head, shoulders, body, and legs at a church bake sale,” George Shaw, who promotes shelter animals for adoption on social media, recently wrote on Facebook. “But … he is an extremely affectionate dog despite his pain and injury”.

Shaw says Emerson is a pit-bull and Patterdale terrier mix, about two years old and 56 pounds. He is “good on a leash, gentle with other dogs, and reported to be good with kids.”

He’s now not constantly so good with other pups, that may be explained by his condition coming into the animal shelter and probably his dogfighting history, shelter workers said.

Brave Dog

when found, Emerson was immediately taken to a veterinary emergency clinic for emergency care, shelter staff stated, then transported to Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services’ Animal Care middle in Melbourne. where, he received care, such as surgical procedure of the big, deep injury on his left thigh and treatment for scratches and bites around his face, neck, and the front legs.

It could be from a person. Or from a machine. It could be from a car,”Sarah Boyd, the shelter veterinarian said. “He’s healed. That deep cut on his skin is well healed.

Although they can’t say for sure, shelter officials presume Emerson’s injuries were the consequence of either battling other strays over food or from organized dogfighting. Or he may have been a bait dog, a dog used to test another dog’s fighting capability.

Animal services completely handled and vaccinated Emerson and neutered him. He tested bad for heartworm.
Volunteers and staff walk him every day. He knows essential charges, they say, and takes an interest every day to play with other dogs.

Emerson isn’t always an angel. He has moments “shown adverse behavior toward different dogs, however not during play time,” shelter staff said.

They hope for an appropriate owner since Emerson already got adopted on Feb 6, then returned a few days later, the adopter explain that he was so hard to handle at home.

Emerson got adopted a second time but returned two days later this time he bites a smaller dog after he manages to escape from the garage of the home and while not under the leash control.

 Sometimes he has shown that he can play with other dogs, while at other time he manifests an adverse attitude toward other dogs

The Perfect Matching

He needs a home where understanding his need and his behavior due to his history, a person who can handle his training and socialization.

Workers said that Emerson has showing friendly attitude during his stay at the shelter, he was energetic and happy even the bad time he has passed through. He recovers very well, his scarfs are fully healed.

This Dog is just a simple example of all those sad stories about neglected canine. He is still having a full and given heart, » Shaw wrote on Facebook.  « If you look through his marks of what was done to him you will see a generous pup. Emerson is mindful, he listens, and obeys, commands. He shows humor, energy, and positive attitude ».

Emerson overcomes his fears the fear that he experienced and suffered, Shaw added  Sometimes you meet a dog that has climbed a higher mountain than you have and has done as such without emotional harm. Some dogs do better than humans.


  1. WE ADOPTED EMERSON !!!! On March 31, my wife, three kids (twin 10yr olds and one 4 yrold) and i went into the BCSO animal shelter in Melbourne with full intention on finding a new family member, one who needed us as much as we needed them. It was near closing time and we did a lap around all the dog kennels – stopping at Emerson’s kennel twice and then coming back a third time – when we asked if we could take him outside for a walk and playtime. His cards on his gate noted he was great with kids which was exactly what we were looking for. While outside with Emerson it was a match, or love, at first sight. He walked on leash well, but it was his behavior towards our kids which we knew we found our new family member. He was great and playful with all of us. The employee that was helping us had informed us on as much of his past as they knew of and (since it was closing time) when other employees were leaving for the evening, Emerson went to the fence and jumped up as if saying goodbye and giving kisses to all 4 or 5 people that were leaving and they as well could not say enough about how amazing he was, how great he was with kids, how great he was with the Canine Commandos, and how large his heart still was even with all that hes been through. My wife and i knew even after a short 20min from his behavior that he was the one-despite not being “great” with other animals, as we did not have any animals. The shelter was closing, we promised wed be back tomorrow when they opened to adopt. In the parking lot we met a volunteer who also could not say enough about how great this dog was, how big his heart is, and how much love Emerson needed from the right family and he said we seemed like the right fit for him. He even stated that if Emerson was adopted by monday when he returned to work, that we would be making his Easter wish come true. We got all things needed that night to be ready for a dog in our home. We knew there was no other dog meant for us but Emerson. April 1st we kept our promise to him and our kids and went back and walked him one more time and did the adoption paperwork. All of us were so overwhelmed with the idea that we all have had a rough past and that it just means we all need that extra love in the future. Im not sure who was happier-us or him. All of Easter sunday he laid in the family room with us and was perfectly behaved. Walked great when taken out on his leash. A dog that was so happy and tail-wagging just to have the chance to be around us and our kids. Didnt beg off the table, no accidents in the house, and just purely happy to be there. Sunday night, we had put together a few of our mattresses in order to fit all three kids and us two adults to watch a family movie together and before my wife and i even were laid down in our spots, Emerson had jumped up and curled himself up in between our kids, ready to cuddle and go to sleep with them. He slept through the whole night in between my wife and i with at least one part of his body laying on part of ours, as if to make sure we wouldnt leave him. This morning we woke up to a million tail-wagging kisses from him. We could not be happier with him. Despite an abuse filled past, he shows nothing but old healed scars and a huge heart. He is absolutely one of the best things thats happened to our family.