It was in Englebelmer that the 30 Million Friends Foundation intervened to help a little pup aged 4 months.

A rescue that counts

Thanks to the kind soul of a neighbor who no longer able to attend the ordeal of the dog, the 30 Million Friends Foundation has been able to implement a rescue more than necessary.

When the volunteers arrived, they found the little dog soaked to the bone, tied to a rope that had wrapped around her neck and almost suffocated her, without any shelter to protect herself.

An absolutely desolate sight and infinite sadness.

Brought to the shelter of Ponthieu Marquenterre in Buigny-Saint-Maclou for treatment, the dog was lucky enough to quickly find a host family ready to take care of her and offer her all the necessary love.

A video that breaks the heart

When rescuing the dog, the volunteers were able to discover a video shot by the neighbor in which we see the dog crying to call for help. Then we hear her “owner” yelling to calm her down.

A complaint was filed by the 30 Million Friends Foundation because such behavior is obviously perfectly unacceptable.