A garbage collector did not expect to save a poor soul dumped in a trash bag.

Nathan Benny works as a garbage collector in the borough of New Station Pennsylvania. over his time on the job he’d no doubt come across some unusual items discarded in people’s trash bag. but one day he made a harrowing discovery, although he usually doesn’t pay much attention to the garbage he picks up or looking inside the trash can he empties, that day something caught his attention.

Nothing could have prepared Benny for what he would find inside the trash, he uncovered a terrified young dog. She was sheltering in a garbage sack with just her tiny head sticking up.

The poor dog barely had the strength to pull his head out of the garbage bag. Nathan could not believe his eyes. this discovery even shocked him.
It sort of scared me actually”, Bennie admitted, ” I feel bad when I see nice toys in the trash, but a puppy like that – it’s just horrible”

Cruel act

After having a little trouble getting the poor dog out of the garbage bag, it was only then he realizes the true extent of the animal suffering.
” you could see every bone, she was shivering and shaking. It was just horrific”, Bennie said.

The garbage man decided to help the poor dog, so he offered her his lunch. and called  Humane Society of Westmoreland County for help.


Before putting her in their vehicle, the volunteers dressed the dog with a sweater to keep his body temperature.

Examined by a veterinarian, the young German shepherd mix- named Fauna – was so dehydrated that it was impossible to get a blood test. But it is something else that shocked the volunteers: the dog had a chip identification! In a few minutes, they found her owner.

A women called Nicole was Funa’s owner she adopted her from a shelter. However, she moved to another state three days before Benny found the animal.

She later admitted to heartlessly dumping the little dog before moving to Texas with her boyfriend. As a result, authorities decided to charge her with animal cruelty.

This owner’s action shocked even her daughter, Brittany who lived next door, had no idea of the cruelty her mother was capable of, she said the last time she’d seen the dog, she was completely healthy.


” I was so upset, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I was so sick to my stomach about everything. would believe it. That garbage can is right over there. I didn’t hear anything. No one hears anything. No one knew. It’s disgusting”, the daughter said.

A particularly cruel act for which this woman was obviously punished. But there is also good news in all this since Fauna was lucky to find a family and a new home where she is loved.

Hope this is enough to make her “forget” this difficult and shocking past.

photo credit: youtube