euthanize his dog because she is so big

Honey’s end might have been dramatic, but thanks to the love she is now very happy.
When a Beagle female named Honey was dropped at the Animal Protection Society last June, she could barely stand on her feet as she was chubby, not to say obese. But the worst thing about the whole story of abandonment is that a member of Honey’s family asks to simply euthanize her. What the employees refused.

“She was so young, we knew we could help her,” said Honey’s host family at the dodo.

After a visit to the vet, She was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, she could lose 5 pounds just by taking appropriate treatment. But it was clear that her weight gain was not only caused by this health concern.

At the shelter, no one knows exactly how Honey lived before being abandoned by a member of the family. As for the owner, he apparently suffered from dementia and did not remember when he had given her food or not. That’s how Honey gained weight, weighing three times the weight of a Beagle before it was adopted.

With veterinarian’s agreement, Honey started a fitness program with swimming. At first, Honey hated to go in the water and as she began to appreciate it and after a few weeks she had already lost a third of her weight! In addition to swimming, Honey also takes regular walks to continue losing weight and staying fit.

A new start for Honey the Beagle

Today, Honey has lost more than half of its weight and continues to grow at its own pace. She is now a totally metamorphosed dog who loves to play, run and even walk up and down the stairs!

A real feat for Honey who was unable to walk without dragging herself when she was abandoned.

Beagle walks

And even if it still has some way to go.   Honey is a real little love that has melted everyone’s heart and has regained all her joy of life.

Beagle' nap

Photos Credits: Niagara SPCA


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