A Thai girl was suffering from cynophobia, but she ended up overcoming her fear of dogs with one of them in particular. Called Olieng, every time, when she passes by the neighbor’s house, a black dog keeps on barking at her, which made her even more scared.

A loving dog helped a girl to overcome her fear of dogs

It’s a touching story from Thailand. A young woman was extremely from suffering from cynophobia or fear of dogs. She did not know the source of her fear, but she lost all means when she saw a dog. One of them in particular terrified her. He lived at the end of the street.

Every day she had to go past her owner’s house. Each time he saw her, he began to bark, which frightened the woman even more. So she then changed sidewalk and continued her way.

The owner had explained that his barking was friendly, not aggressive, but The dog, named Olieng, symbolized all the girl’s cynophobia.

One day, she found out that the owner of Olieng had just died, and the dog was left alone. She then passed in front of the house fence but the dog didn’t bark …The dog was sad after the death of his owner, in fact, he looks weak day by day.

Dogs don’t become man’s best friend for no reason

The next day, even silence from the dog.In the afternoon, she decided to take her courage. Although the young woman is afraid of dogs, she tried very hard to give him something to eat, she worries the poor dog might die of hunger.She slowly approached the bars that separated from Olieng and handed him the treat, which the dog quickly swallowed.

With confidence, the young woman put her hand through the fence and did what was unthinkable; she pets him, then left with a smile.

The following days, she walks past Olieng and gives him something to eat. Then she realized that she was perhaps the only person who feeds him since the death of his owner and that he especially needed a new home. She decided to welcome him to her home. They have become the best friends in the world and literally inseparable.

They spent so much time together, he follows her everywhere she goes, he even saves her house from burning down. Olieng was always there, he protects her and waiting for her whenever she’s not home.

Until the day when an accident put an end to this beautiful story; As she was getting off the bus, Olieng wasn’t in the place where he used to stay waiting for her, the girl was concerned, then she saw the neighbors gathering around her dog. He was hit by a car, She took him running to the veterinary clinic, but unfortunately, it was closed. A few minutes later, Olieng was no longer with her, he died.

Devasted by the loss of her best friend, the young women decide to pursue a profession that cares and help animals, So she studies to become a veterinarian.

Olieng had not only helped her overcome her fear of dogs, but he was also a source of inspiration for her too.