Firefighter Saves Puppy’s Life In Front Of His Mad Mother


Firefighters and animal services in Bastrop County, Texas responded quickly to the distress call to rescue a puppy.

Dogs are naturally curious, especially the youngest of them. This is sometimes worth a few mishaps, as was the case of this puppy.

On Friday, April 6th, Jennifer Carroll, director of the Wags Association, Hope, and Healing, was contacted by a local resident who was completely panicked. One of her foxy dog’s three cubs had just stuck his head in an old car wheel and kept crying.

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She first tried to help by phone and explained the maneuver, but it did not work. Firefighters and county animal services were called to the rescue.

Firefighter Saves Puppy 's life after his head stuck in a wheel
Firefighter Saves Puppy ‘s life after his head stuck in a wheel

The rescuers arrived on the scene in a few minutes. They deployed the necessary equipment, including metal tongs and hydraulic extrication equipment, but these devices were unable to overcome the metal trap and the puppy, a female, was still trapped in the location.

Despite her situation, the mother seemed to understand that everyone was there to help her baby. A dog can become aggressive when she sees her baby in distress and people get close to her, but that was not her case at all.

This is where one of the firefighters had an idea, remembering that most puppies naturally tend to tilt their heads when they sit down. The young dog was then gently seated and manipulated until she was released, much to the relief of her mother.

The association then proposed to the owner to take care of the sterilization and identification of Foxy and her puppies. Once the operations are complete, the dog will return to her family and her youngsters will propose for adoption. Volunteers named them after car tire brands: Goodyear, Michelin, and Dunlop.

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