Muffin the female dog had a funny reaction finding Lisa, her groomer and friend, in the street. She did not expect to see her outside the grooming salon at all.

As The Dodo recounts, it has been several years since the Muffin dog was groomed by Lisa Granade at Happy at Home Pet Grooming. At this facility in Seattle, Washington (northwestern United States), Muffin and Lisa have become excellent friends.

Described as very affectionate and full of joy of life, the dog is always happy to meet Lisa at the grooming salon. It is only when they see each other.

So, when a few days ago, they crossed in the street, the surprise was huge for the pup.

That day, Lisa was driving her car when she saw Muffin and her owner walking by the side of the road. It is therefore natural that she stopped to say hello.

Hearing the voice of her groomer and seeing her face, Lisa could not believe it. She was obviously happy, but she also seemed totally disconcerted. See Lisa elsewhere that the grooming salon was totally new to her. Her reaction is perfectly visible in this photo taken by Lisa.

Subsequently, the young woman came out of her car to spend time with the dog and her owner. A chance meeting that each of them appreciated, waiting for the next grooming session.