German Shepherd Completely Freaks Out Over His self-filling Dog Water Bowl 


A hilarious video of a curious German shepherd went around the Internet. The Facebook page of the German Shepherd’s Club shared a funny video of the German Shepherd discovering that when he drinks in his dog water bowl, bubbles rise in the bottle. His reaction is absolutely invaluable.

The American Kennel Club qualifies the German Shepherd’s temperament as “confident, brave and smart”, but we think the club should add “hilarious” to this list. When an animal owner filmed his dog’s reaction to his self-filling dog water bowl, he was bewildered.

German shepherd Baffled Over His self-filling Dog Water Bowl

At first the puppy saw some bubbles coming out of the bottle, but he did not seem to know what it was. Then he started drinking again in the bowl, then other bubbles floated to the top. You can see the dog worry about the fact that there is something inside the bottle.

german shepherd vs dog water bowl

So he tested it, he started drinking in the dog water bowl looking up at the bottle, of course, two bubbles floated that confirmed his theory, he jumped back in confusion.

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