German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

Maximus is a  signing German Shepherd dog who has a lot of talent. And he proves it regularly since he loves to accompany his owner when he takes a shower. But not only that. What Maximus loves above all else is that when his owner starts to sing in the shower. Watch below German Shepherd sings with his owner (Video)

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

At first, Maximus is lying not far from the shower and begins to hear his owner. After a few seconds of listening attentively, Maximus starts his turn and begins to accompany his owner in his song by “singing” in concert with him! A really nice moment of sharing between an animal and his owner.

And if you wonder what is the song, it is Edouard Khil’s popular song entitled “Trolololo”.

So do you like it?

Photos Credit: Youtube