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Grandma Did Not Like The New Dog Of The Family Then He Saved Her


When Mason joined Annabelle Camp at 4 months last October, the young woman’s grandmother does not like it. She ignored most of the time.

There are events that we do not explain. They are written. They must be so because in the end there is always a more or less logical reason. Mason was not necessarily welcome in Camp House. Because if Annabelle Camp, discovering this little dog on a Georgia highway in the United States, had fallen under his spell, her grandmother did not welcome the arrival of this ball of hair.

“I made an agreement with my grandmother to go to a shelter as soon as a place became available, a maximum of one week,” says Annabelle. Everything went as planned, except that after joining the shelter in question, Mason fell ill. He even had to be hospitalized. Enough to move an Annabelle who managed to get the agreement of his grandmother to repatriate.

Mason pulls his owner from her bed

Despite her discontent, this grandmother was able to see Mason evolve quickly and positively. An integration all the more facilitated by the timely gesture of the canine to save the lady of a certain age.

On Facebook, Annabelle tells the crazy night of April 29 to 30. “I woke up with Mason on me, standing on the bed. He barked as if something was wrong. I jumped out of bed and knew something was wrong because Mason loves to sleep. Mason asked me, by his look, to follow him. I followed him down the hall and into my grandmother’s room. “

He is pampered by the grandmother since this event

There, Mason and Annabelle entered the adjoining bathroom. “Mason was on my grandmother, screaming and moaning. An unconscious lady with a heart attack. Annabelle has fortunately succeeded in “restarting her heart”. What to link to the dog forever. And yet, between October, date of his arrival in the family, and now, it is difficult to say that the crazy love existed between the 2 beings.

Except that Mason has put aside the indifference of the grandmother. “He knows what it’s like to be saved, so he knew he had to do the same for someone else, even though my grandmother barely tolerates it,” says Annabelle. The next day, on her hospital bed, Mason received the ovation he deserved. Since then, the grandmother “spoil him as she has never done”, thanks to this sign of destiny.