It’s a day before Christmas that two teenagers decided to make a nice surprise to their grandmother. Without warning, they install a huge package just outside her door and ring before going to hide to film the reaction of their granny.

A few seconds later, the grandmother leaves her house after seeing one of her grandchildren. It is at this moment that her eyes are attracted by the mysterious package that stands in front of her door, she saw the box moving on its own.

Astonished, the grandmother begins to show emotion and softly opens the gift in which she finds an adorable puppy.

Immediately, the grandmother begins to shed a few tears of happiness and grabs the puppy to give him a huge hug under the emotional gaze of her grandchildren who finally come out of their hiding place.

Once their granny gets a little emotional, the two teenagers offer to help her choose a name for her new “baby”. A video that has obviously been around the world as it is touching.

watch the video that will warm your heart below: